Animation Background Layout

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Animation Background Layout

A background artist is involved in the animation process. It is the one that sets the style, color and mood of the scene, as characterized by the writer, art director or client in the story. The work of artists is very creative and this creativity can be seen in movies, television, video games and other forms of media.

In animation, the background line drawing for a scene is a layout. It is not the finished background painted in color, but just a sketch.

Background layouts are derived from storyboards which define the action and perspective on stage. The difference between a background artist and a background artist is that a background artist draws backgrounds in a rough and simplistic style, but on the other hand background rendering artists take them to the next level by defining details and perspective. The line work is only part of the finished background.

A background designer must visualize new locations when they are required in a script and must consider the action of the characters as well as the mood of the scene. These design drawings are given to story artists to show them what a place looks like. A lot of creativity is involved in making places that become believable for the people in the characters’ world.

The background should support the narrative of the story, most importantly. Designers consider things like characters’ personal style or fictional neighborhoods. Artists draw places that have history, like showing what happened before in a place, even if it never happened, they design it to look like something happened in that particular place. Artists can also tell the story of a place long before the characters existed.

A background designer must do two things:

to design backgrounds for new landscapes, and

to draw/paint those backgrounds for the final animation.

Some studios hire background artists who paint the final backgrounds entirely. And sometimes background painters also fill the role of a designer where they create new locations with the help of the art director. All painters and background designers follow a unique animation-based style.

Each cartoon has its own unique style, and the background designer must create locations that can be realistic and blend into the cartoon’s artistic style.

There is not much difference between jobs for wallpaper painters, wallpaper artists and wallpaper designers.

The work of the background artist

Many background artists use traditional methods such as painting or drawing to create backgrounds.

Artists can use digital media such as Adobe Photoshop to produce the desired backgrounds for the story.

A background artist needs details and to do this he communicates from time to time with the art director, director, editor or writers to create the idea of ​​how the desired background should be.

They may include painting mostly background keys or photographing the setting for more definition.

Must require final approval for background images.

A background artist must work within tight deadlines and budgetary controls.

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