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Another Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces Encore

Philosophical concepts that surround life, the universe and everything, including those realms of theology, religions and the nature of deities continue to fascinate. Opinions proliferate. There’s the theist pro side; there’s the atheist anti-side. There aren’t too many fence-sitters. I’m still in the anti-camp as the following bits and pieces illustrate.

Regarding Religion.

*Religions: They put a pile of manure on your table and tell you it’s ice cream!

*Religion has no reality check!

*It is perfectly acceptable to blame religion for the crimes against humanity; for the immorality committed in the name of religion.

*Religion is highly relevant in that it employs multi-thousands of people; it supports a large publishing industry; it owns massive billions in real estate. If religion went the way of the dodo it would have a massive economic impact on the world’s – well – economy.

*Every other religion will give the thumbs down to your religion – not just the atheists. And there will be some pretty smart dudes in and of those other religions that you will have to go up against.

*True Believers must test their own religion’s claims and texts by the same standards they apply to other religion’s claims and texts. If your religion’s claims and texts fare no better than the claims and texts of those other religions, then your religion is just as false as those other religions are.

*If every religion gives the thumbs down to every other religion, then that says it all. Not every religion can be the one and only one true religion but every religion can be false. This is what is known in the trade as logic!

*Philosophy: Questions which can never be answered. Religion: Answers which can never be questioned.

*An ideal religion IMHO would be akin to the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten’s monotheistic ‘The Aten’ which was a Sun deity. Pharaoh Akhenaten might have been on to something and solar deities are not all that uncommon, albeit usually one of a pantheon of related deities. That is a solar deity is usually part of a polytheistic theology. Now the Sun has it all over God (and company). The Sun, unlike that certain other monotheistic deity at least can be seen! Seeing something certainly assists in the credibility of any sort of concept and of course God is that “invisible ‘friend’ in the sky”. The Sun has a bit of a personality (ask any solar astronomer), but it performs no miracles; it’s reliable; it is life-giving; it is life sustaining; it freely gives you heat and light and ultimately food without demanding anything in return. The Sun issues no commandments and doesn’t demand any worship or command any sort of theological rituals like learning and singing songs or pageantry. It doesn’t endlessly ask for money. There’s no fiery punishment (either Hell or burning at the stake) for blasphemy or heresy; there’s no need for special structures or buildings to assemble in weekly, albeit Sunday would be a good day to pay homage to the Sun. There are no nasty bits like crucifixions (albeit there can be sunburn and the now and again case of skin cancer). The Sun never tells you that you are unworthy or a bad person in need of saving. The Sun treats you just fine and has no bias towards any one special group of chosen people. So the Sun makes for an ideal God!

Regarding Science vs. Religion.

*Where the answer is known it’s because science knows it. Where science doesn’t yet know, religion doesn’t know either.

*If someone today claims to actually be divine and be able to do miracles, suddenly all Christians will be demanding extraordinary evidence and scientific proof from them. Yet when it comes to their belief in ancient historical divine beings and their miracles, Christians give it all a free pass, because all claims in an old book are good enough evidence for them.

*Science requires itself to try to falsify their claims and theories and ideas by observation and experiment and mathematics and rational logic in order to determine what is reality. Religions never question their foundations or try to falsify their foundational beliefs.

*Science is the same worldwide but religions tend to be geographical: Christianity in the Americas and Europe and Australia / New Zealand; Islam in the Middle East; Buddhism in Asia. This reinforces the idea that your religious belief system is based on where you are born and raised.

*Science is created by human minds. Religion is the result of a human mind refusing to work.

*Some scientists are indeed religious, but they don’t bring religion into their day job and they don’t bring their day job with them when they attend their church or other religious ceremonies.

*Religious True Believers don’t have to worry about climate change / global warming because 1) God promised no more floods and 2) the End Times are nearly here so global warming isn’t an issue.

Regarding Faith & Belief.

*I have no problems with someone else’s religious / theological faith or belief systems providing 1) they keep it to themselves in the sense that they don’t inflict their worldviews on me (i.e. – door-knocking) without my consent (and by people reading this they are giving their voluntary consent to me), and 2) they do no harm to others, and we’ve all read / heard true and horrid stories about super devote parents with a very seriously ill child who refuse all medical help for that child on the grounds that their devote prayers to Jesus will ensure that Jesus will intervene and cure their child. Of course the child actually dies. On a much broader and global scale, atheistic beliefs# have harmed no one although religious belief systems have run roughshod over a lot of atheists (like atheists being denied public office as a mild example). But of course religious belief systems have resulted in multi-millions of deaths, untold examples of suffering, torture, imprisonment, sexual abuse (including and especially of minors) and the justification of all sorts of things like owning and beating slaves, killing ‘witches’ and stoning to death rebellious children and teenagers, prohibiting women from holding public office (and especially high and leadership positions in their religious establishments) or voting or even driving a car, inflicting all manner of social stigmas against the LGBT community, abortionists, and on, and on, and on it goes all too much of which continues down to this very day.

#Atheistic dictators / tyrants aren’t about imposing atheism on the populace – it’s just the quest for power for the sake of having power. And one can of course name lots of religious dictators / tyrants, but then too – but not always – their ultimate quest was also for power just for the sake of having power. Sometimes the goal was to convert as many souls for Christ as was possible and any means justified the ends.

*When you were born you had no belief systems, no worldviews, no philosophy, no knowledge or any preconceived notions about life, the Universe and everything. You had no religious or theological faith in anything supernatural. All of the above came pretty much came via other people’s belief systems, worldviews, philosophy, knowledge and preconceived notions, including religious or theological faiths in anything supernatural. And they tended to shove all of that down your young throat, and more likely as not you never questioned anything. You were too ignorant and had too much respect for authority figures or were just way too scared to call their bluff. But if I had known at age of seven or so what I know now, I’d of given an awful lot of adults pure hell! But of course I couldn’t since I didn’t and therefore I didn’t. But how I wish now for a time machine!

*I ask for proof before belief which IMHO is not an overly unreasonable request.

*If you have religious / theological knowledge you should be able to convince others based on that knowledge. If you have just religious / theological faith, do not expect that you will be able to convince others that your faith is true. There can be only one true factual knowledge (i.e. – something cannot both be and not be at the same time) but there can be many faiths.

*Hope, faith and belief never fixes anything; knowledge and reasoning does.

*Faith is culturally linked with morality. A person of faith is considered to be a moral person which is absolute nonsense. Another common saying is that life has no meaning without faith. This too is absolute rubbish. You have the ways and means to make your own meaning; give yourself purpose. You don’t need faith to accomplish that.

*Can you distinguish faith from gullibility? If faith can support a conclusion that is in complete contradiction to reason then faith is pretty worthless / useless.

*Belief, especially religious belief, is an emotion, an emotion isn’t usually rational.

*Faith claims are unsupported knowledge claims.

*Faith: pretending to know things you don’t know.

*No amount of belief makes something a fact.

*So you believe in God and Christianity and that’s fine, but the question is, what actually makes you right and the believers in any other deity and religion and theology wrong?

*Faith / belief is faith / belief in the absence of any evidence, logic, reason or experience yet it is one of the highest principles in all of Christianity (John 20: 29).

*True Believers not only have to do verbal battle with non-believers / atheists but also with the True Believers part and parcel of hundreds of other theologies most of which are incompatible with each other. The interesting point is that those True Believers of other Faiths / Religions / Theologies are just as articulate and intelligent and rational with respect to their theological worldview as are Christian True Believers.

*So you believe in God and Christianity and that’s fine, but the question is, what actually makes your faith right and the believers in any other deity and religion and theology wrong? Perhaps Zeus, etc. are really representative of that one true religious point of view! Perhaps we should really worship those statues of ‘Venus’, that fertility goddess from days long gone by. Had you been born in another time and place; in another culture and society long, long ago, you’d be singing the praises of Zeus and Hera; Ares and Aphrodite. And 50,000 years before that you’d be invoking a myriad of great, greater and greatest spirits as well as carving stone statues of fertility goddesses and painting game animals on your cave walls as sympathetic magic to ensure a good hunt. Fast forward to the here and now and in parallel it’s obvious that you’ve swallowed hook, line and sinker all of this culture’s and this society’s religious propaganda and indoctrination materials that was pushed down your throat because you – as we all are prone to – tend to put our faith and trust in the teachings of our authority figures (teachers, parents, other family and of course the clergy) and our elders. But there comes a time when it’s time to think for yourself. The Age of Reason is beginning in earnest; the age of myths & fairy tales is ebbing away.

*Just because millions of people believe in a nonsense (say astrology) doesn’t mean it isn’t nonsense. Lots of people agree that Scientology is the one true religion! So I reject any appeal to authority – Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, etc. However, if someone can actually produce some real evidence that there really is an uncaused, uncreated, eternal being then please do so. If they can it would make them unique since nobody else, to date, has been able to do so. The proof of that pudding is that there still exists a real and intense debate as to the actual existence of such an entity. So, the ultimate challenge for True Believers is show me the evidence instead of waffling on about ancient Greek philosophers.

*There is a trilogy of reasons why we have religious belief systems, none of which have anything to do with an actual supernatural deity or deities. First, we love to tell stories. We are collectively Man: The Story-Teller. Many of those stories can get adopted and ingrained into our culture and can take on a life of their own. Secondly, we all seemingly desire an afterlife which is beyond our powers to initiate. So we have to hope against hope that there is some other entity out there that has such a power, and like Santa Claus will grant us our eternal life wish. Thirdly, we will invoke some sort of external agent or agency to explain what we ourselves can’t explain. In days gone by that might have included all sorts of celestial phenomena like eclipses, shooting ‘stars’, comets, the aurora, and so on.

*Prisons are full of True Believers! So much for religious morality!

Regarding the First Cause.

*How far back in your causality chain do you need to go back before you HAVE to come across the First Cause? Philosophers and especially theists who insist there must have been a First cause cannot answer that question – probably because there is no answer because there was no First Cause!

*If you are going to apply a ‘First Cause’ principle or argument to the creation of the Universe then logically you have got to apply that ‘First Cause’ principle or argument to that which caused the ‘First Cause’. Just saying that God is uncaused rolls off of the tongue very easily – now prove it! If I ask you to prove to me that the Moon goes around the Earth; that salt water is a mixture; that beheading results in death; that cows eat grass; that Paris (France) is an actual geographical place; that Cleopatra was the Queen of the Nile; and that George Washington was the first president of the USA, you wouldn’t be overly challenged. But you can’t prove the existence of God (or any other deity).

Regarding the Bible.

*I have greater admiration for those fundamentalists, evangelists, True Believers, etc. who believe that the entirety of the Bible is literally the Word of God without any error and that everything that the Bible relates actually happened, relative to those theists who cherry-pick those parts of the Bible they believe are literal from those parts which are just imagery, symbolic or a parable, etc. Cherry-picking is rather dishonest relative to the faith as expressed by the True Believer.

*If you believe that the Bible is the 100% accurate and True Literal Word of God Almighty then you believe in the following absurdities: that a human male was created from dust; that a human female was created from a male rib; that there was a talking snake; that there was a talking donkey; that a human (Jonah) could survive inside a ‘whale’ for three days; that it could rain for 40 days and nights; that Biblical characters could live for over 900 years; that there was a virgin birth; that there was an actual resurrection from the dead; that water could be turned into wine; that the Red (or Reed) Sea could part; that spears / shafts turned into serpents / snakes; that you can create something from nothing (multiplication of loaves / fishes; that there could be a burning bush that wasn’t consumed; that the Sun and Moon actually stood still in the heavens; etc. For crying out loud you even have talking trees and fig trees and bushes and brambles and vines (Judges 9: 8-15)!

*Here are a couple of Biblical inconsistencies for your consideration: 1) Compare and contrast the description of the Ark of the Covenant as given in Exodus 25: 10-22 which was apparently constructed by Bezaleel (Exodus 37: 1 and Exodus 38: 22) with the description given in Deuteronomy 10: 3 which apparently Moses made! Then, shifting to the New Testament (I’m an equal opportunity Bible-basher) you have a multi-lingual description of the inscription of what Jesus was given atop his cross. According to John 19: 19-20 the ordering was Hebrew, Greek then Latin. But according to Luke 23: 38 the ordering was Greek, Latin then Hebrew. Truly I say unto you that clearly the Biblical left hand does not know what the Biblical right hand is on about!

*Here’s an interesting anomaly. At the crucifixion of Jesus, Matthew 27: 45; Mark 15: 33; and Luke 23: 44 all note that there was between the sixth and the ninth hour total darkness “over all the land”; “over the whole land”; and “over all the earth”. There is no natural explanation that can account for this, certainly not a solar eclipse. But what casts extreme doubt on the validity of this observation, this ‘miracle’, is that no other area, no other land, no one else over the entire Earth has ever made mention of this! Methinks this is yet another Biblical myth and fairy tale.

*If only Noah and family were the only humans left alive after The Flood, and since the Earth obviously got repopulated without God’s help, doesn’t that imply incest?

*Speaking of Noah, we all know that Noah’s Ark floated, but the question is, why didn’t all the other boats then in existence float too?

*Biblical ‘science’ is far more akin to a flat earth point of view consistent with ignorant human derived observations relative to divine revelation. A real God would know real science.

*There are multiple testable religious claims. For example there are multi-dozens of miracles as related in the Bible. Now the absence of proof for any one of these might just be coincidence but the probability that all of these claims have no evidence backing them up stretches credibility. If any one of these alleged miracles had some solid evidence to back it up then that would release the religious kitty out of the bag. That none have is statistical evidence that all religious claims (i.e. – miracles) are bogus nonsense.

*There are multi-millions of evangelicals and fundamentalists and True Believers and those Right Wing religious types who absolutely believe that the Bible is 100% the literal word of God. I have in fact seen such people say that if the Bible had related that Jonah had swallowed the ‘whale’ they would believe that too – no questions asked. After all, with God, all things are possible! And don’t Muslims accept the Koran as being the literal word (for word) of their deity? My point here is that if you question even one tiny bit of a religious text then you have got to question all of it.

*Circular Reasoning:

True Believer: I believe in God’s word.

Doubting Thomas: How do you know it’s God’s word?

True Believer: Well it’s in the Bible.

Doubting Thomas: Well how do you know the Bible is true?

True Believer: Well, it’s God’s word.

So, the Bible proves itself!

Regarding the End Times.

The End Times is just about the longest running delusion, going on some 2500 years now, that humans have believed in, apart from believing in a deity or deities in the first place.

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