A Society Can Be Judged By How It Treats Animals 8 Super Tips For Instant Bad Boy Sex Appeal (Nice Guys Only)

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8 Super Tips For Instant Bad Boy Sex Appeal (Nice Guys Only)

[Player Wannabes: Please pass, go, don’t read this article. There is nothing for you here. This is good stuff for Nice and Good Guys Only]

I hope they are gone! Now where were we?

If you find it difficult to find that balance between being sensitive, kind and respectful to women and being a guy that women find attractive and even irresistible, then you are most likely a good guy or good. You may have read and even tried some of the Aggressive Alpha Male Routines, but most of you just can’t bring yourself to treat women as disposable. So even though you love women and in many ways admire some of them, you’re having a hard time getting out of the “Nice Guy” funk you’re in.

See if this sounds familiar?

A friend made an observation about me that I was unaware of. When we go out to a party, he tells me that women tell him that I’m very attractive but boring. His point is that the thing that I do differently than most guys is that I don’t push this ‘hunter’ vibe or energy that a lot of guys do. It frustrates me so much because sometimes I feel like it’s an obligation to try to come from a place of integrity and decency, as some guys just say and do what they want, regardless of the consequences. I think being respectful and nice is wrong with boring.


I’ve only had a few good relationships with women, and that was a long time ago. What I’m going through right now is a period of arrested development. It’s like the sexual component has somehow been removed from me over the past few years and I’m now completely sexually invisible to women.

The one thing I feel I lose whenever something doesn’t work for me is hope — which in turn brings a lot of anger, resentment, and bitterness toward women — it’s really a vicious cycle. Having said that in a way, I have been a fool to myself and have lived in denial about my situation. I think I somehow changed in this place.


Okay, I want to make this clear in advance. “Cool guys” women who want to marry are not “Bad Boys” who are bad for the sake of being bad. You know who — the guy with a bad attitude who approaches a woman, looks her up and down with transparent intent, and takes her upstairs with the impudence of a 60’s pimp. Yes – he has no class and no soul. [Excuse me for going off again. I just can’t hide my dislike for players and their wannabes].

Many women are worth the time of day [unlike one night stand types] I can’t even stand these guys. Their dream boy is the sensitive, caring, respectful and thoughtful boy with a sprinkling of “Bad Boy” traits.

[I see the look… but whatever!]

Whether you admit it or not, many women are attracted to certain traits — most abundant in Bad Boys and often given by Bad Boys. It simply cannot be denied!

But what exactly turns women on and why? Chances are you, Mr. Nice Guy/Good Guy You have all these “Bad Guy” traits — and you don’t realize how “bad” you really are.

1: A bad guy makes his own rules

You must feel like you are isolating yourself from society because you don’t fit the bill of what is considered an “Alpha Male”. And I’m sure it makes you feel constantly judged by a standard you can never live up to. Most bad boys grew up feeling like they just didn’t “fit in the box.” The difference between a bad boy and a nice boy (like you) is that he has learned to survive in a harsh world that constantly judges and rejects him because he doesn’t meet society’s standard of a “good boy.”

TIP 1 – Set your dating rules and march to the beat of your own drum. Women, like all other animals, see those of the opposite sex who display great survival skills as superior. To see a man wake up every morning, stand strong, stake his claim, take his chances, put his life on the line even in hostile environments is just sexiness to the point of intoxicating. It shows that you have your life together and enjoy being alive.

2: A bad boy is nobody’s punk and nobody’s pawn

One of the reasons you’re labeled as a nice guy is because you respect women and treat them with the respect they rightfully deserve (hopefully). This is why – you’ve been told – women leave you for bad boys. This is so true. But what you may not have been told is that, women want to be respected and treated with respect, but they don’t find them attractive – doormats are for dusting our shoes.

TIP 2 – Stand up for yourself — sometimes — look him in the eye and draw the line in the sand when you have to. A steel core that isn’t easily manipulated and is uncompromising about the things that matter is attractive — a lot. But it shouldn’t be something you do like a whining victim, but something you do calmly, rationally, and persistently — and for things that really matter.

3: A bad boy doesn’t pretend to be a saint

We know you’re the “good” guys. You don’t have to try so hard to prove how “good” you are. That puppy-like (“please, please, love me”) trying so hard to please is too good to a fault. There’s only so much “sweetness” a woman can take before she throws up — or blows.

TIP 3 – Just be real with us, that’s all we ask. The “romantic saint” act gets old so fast. We want to see you accept yourself for who you are — the good, the bad and the ugly. A guy who accepts himself as he is is unlikely to criticize our mistakes, setbacks, weaknesses, scars and warts so harshly, because he knows that he is not perfect either.

4: A bad boy is never afraid to stand up for what he believes is right

If you’re a good guy (not angry and all), there must be a part of you that strongly believes in right and wrong, which is why you have a hard time treating women in a low and degrading way. It’s just wrong, isn’t it? Now, whether you agree with the bad guys’ sense of right and wrong or not, you have to give up on these guys to stick with him. Having the conviction to do what one believes is right, no matter the cost, is perhaps one of the most attractive traits – ever!

TIP 4 – Stand up for us — all the time. Every woman (even those who claim to be independent and self-reliant) wants to know that her husband will protect her if someone tries to mess with her (even if he’s a monster). Seeing you in the role of “protector” makes her feel “safe” with you and around you [“Safe” is good when she feels it but bad when you are playing it].

5: A bad boy can handle any situation

Good guys and responsible guys are synonymous. This is a good thing. But don’t be responsible for some things and disappear like a can of paint when it comes to making tough decisions. We want to make our own decisions, but it’s not fair that we make all the hard decisions and you just follow what we say without any useful input or challenge. If we decide we want a dog, we’ll get one ourselves, but when we want a man in the house, we mean ONE MAN in the house.

TIP 5 – Stand up and take responsibility for difficult situations. Suggest solutions; come up with new ideas and make things happen. It’s sometimes nice to have someone else make the tough decisions and take action without being told, ordered, or nagging about it. If you can’t be the kind of man we want, it’s hard for us to be the kind of woman you’re looking for. We like our men confident and capable. It’s that simple.

6: A bad guy never tries to avoid the painful consequences of his actions

One quality that we women like in most good guys is that they are sensitive – always thinking about the consequences of their words and actions. The downside of this is that many of you are also overly cautious, emotionally shy, and overly anxious — always wondering when or what will take us away. We appreciate empathy — but we don’t want too much of it.

TIP 6 – Stop acting like a victim in all situations. If there is a tangle of emotions that need to be dealt with, then face it head on. She might complain a little, but at the end of the day you’ve put up with it and she’ll respect you more for that. Changing the way you think from a fear-based/pessimistic style to a self-empowered/optimistic style can help you overcome your depression.

7: A Bad Guy Has Some Twists and Turns (And Some Surprises)

If women know anything about Nice Guys, it’s that they are reliable and consistent. They are also so predictable that we can almost read their (boring) minds. When one knows everything, there is nothing left to discover. There are no more surprises, no more wonder, no more passion.

TIP 7 – Be consistent — constantly intriguing. Throw in some mix, shake things up a bit and do something unexpected and unpredictable. When you are like a romance novel; action-packed and with enough suspense, intrigue, thrills and delicious passion to keep a woman turning the pages, we hang on your every word because we know that with every page we turn, we always discover feelings (and skills) in ourselves. were not aware before.

8: A bad boy believes in himself – and his sex appeal

Our society has somehow managed to divorce “Nice Guys” from their sexuality: where nice = boring, bad = sexy. What we have now are men who want to be seen as “good men” but fear and even feel guilty and ashamed of their sexual nature. You know what I mean — you see other guys as prettier, sexier, and more attractive, but you… never good enough. Bad guys are having none of that. They don’t compare themselves to the “Good Guys” or try to be someone they’re not. They like to be the “bad” guys.

TIP 8 – Stop the comparison game and start believing in yourself. Nice/nice guys are quality boyfriend/husband material – and you better believe it. Actually repeat after me — “I’m a good catch!” Even if you don’t feel particularly lively or brave, say to yourself, “I’m a good catch!” You may not be the prettiest or cutest guy in town, but you have a good heart, a healthy mind, and good energy. Give yourself permission to bring out your inner strength, confidence and self-belief. There is nothing sexier than a man who believes in himself and isn’t afraid to unleash his unique individual sex appeal.

You won’t live forever, so why not go out with a big smile on your face. Hmm?

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