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Animals Are Way Smarter Than We Think

Since childhood, I strongly believe that animals are much smarter than we think. And that we human beings, as a species, are just being too arrogant. Scientific evidence proves that our planet is not the epicenter of the solar system, but today it also shows that we are not the only center of intelligence.

But what are considered intelligence levels? How and who defines them? Do you think some animals are much smarter than some people?

Through all my experiences, I believe so. Just because animals can’t talk or read, for example, doesn’t automatically mean they can’t think or feel. When we compare one species of animal to another, or even to humans, we can see different degrees of intelligence.

So we are fooling ourselves into thinking that, for thousands of years, we are more intelligent than the rest of the animal kingdom. And this, despite mounting evidence these days to the contrary. Of course, I don’t deny that we human animals are smart when it comes to doing what needs to be done to survive. But other species may be much smarter than we believe or think.

Intelligence is relative

Many animals have incredible brains, but most people simply misunderstand many of their abilities. There is now evidence that crows, dogs, octopuses or koalas, just to name a few, reveal superior intelligence. It is a widespread truth in the animal kingdom. In some cases, animals have greater reasoning abilities than any human being. So some of them are probably much smarter.

And some of their actions or behaviors cannot be considered mere instincts. When we look at different animals, we often cannot do what they do. Sometimes, the way they act or the things they do are very complicated, like a bat flying in the dark. These creatures can catch airborne insects directly by echolocation.

So it takes not only instinct, but also a lot of power to accomplish such a feat. However, we don’t pay attention to these kinds of things because we think they are unimportant. Most people do not appreciate the abilities of animals, but compare them to ours in terms of intelligence. As long as they can’t reason, speak or read, then they must not be as smart as us.

Describing who is much smarter

Throughout the ages, the ruling classes, from the religious to the learned, repeat the same belief: “We humans are unmatched because we are the most intelligent being in the animal kingdom.” They also claim that animals do not have souls or feelings. However, science and life show us that animals have feelings, souls, and the ability to reason, which makes them smarter than we think.

So this belief of thinking that we are superior in intelligence dates back about ten thousand years. It started when man created agriculture, farms and animal domestication. It then gained momentum with the beliefs of the religion, which considered humans to be the primary species in creation.

But does this mean that our intelligence is at a higher level? Of course not; they are simply of different types. When a stranger tries to talk to you using an imperfect, flawed or broken version of your language, your first impression is that they are not very smart. But the truth is completely different.

Unconditional Animal Love

When it comes to animals, they are much smarter than we tend to give them credit for. They’re just smart on their own terms, which often look nothing like yours or mine. I believe we can learn many things from them like love, empathy and compassion. So when they care, you can prove that they really care; it is not merely a false disguise as human beings do.

From the animal kingdom, some of these creatures love humans unconditionally. However, many people still abuse and mistreat such love. When something happens to us, animals don’t put us down, push us aside, or suddenly decide they don’t love us anymore. This attitude only shows that they are much smarter than us.

No matter the circumstances, they are by our side until the end, and too often, we take that for granted. However, some people have no problem getting rid of an animal when it no longer fits their life or agenda. And we are supposed to be the most intelligent species on this planet; think again!

Animal Intelligence

Every day, our pets communicate with us through their requests and make us do the things they want. The animal world is much more complicated than we seem to believe or think. My father is a racehorse trainer, so I grew up around horses and lived for many years in an apartment above a racehorse stable. Cats and dogs were also an integral part of my life, as in any standard horse barn.

In the 60s, there were no smart phones or sophisticated cameras to make videos in seconds. But all my life I have witnessed the behavior, intelligence and memory tricks of animals. The following story is a perfect example of it.

One day, my father bought a racehorse named “Murdoch” from another town, twenty miles away. After a few days, he took the horse to the track for training. While galloping, a tractor made a loud noise that startled the animal and its rider fell. The horse, then alone, crossed the track and jumped over the barrier, disappearing into the forest.

A story of being much smarter

It was time to get in the car. I went on horseback, by my father’s side, to look for the horse. We searched everywhere, but to no avail. A few hours later, when we returned to the barn, the former owner called. Surprised, she told my father that the animal was in her farm.

So this meant that the horse galloped over the road and through the woods back to his former barn without a scratch. Somehow, he figured out how to make twenty kilometers of unknown territory and return to where he came from. Not only did the horse do this, but because of the cameras around the farm, we were able to see how he got into the horse farm.

When he arrived at the front entrance, the animal found it locked. So she went round the back, pushed open the little gate, and went up the stairs, standing in her way. Then he found an open stall, entered it, and waited there, knowing it was the only house he knew.

Animals are much smarter

Animals are amazing and deserve just as much respect as humans for their memory, intelligence, perseverance and unconditional love.

  • Horses, dogs, and cats, among the many species that spend time around humans, can recognize body language cues that you or I don’t.

  • Primates like chimpanzees can easily beat humans in recalling a series of numbers they saw in a fraction of a second.

  • Okra learns to open childproof caps on medicine bottles that many of us can’t unlock.

  • Bats determine space by echolocation and sonar.

  • Birds understand and understand the complex mechanics of flight and landing.

  • Crows, featured in horror movies for silly reasons, are not only among the most intelligent birds, but are far smarter than most creatures. They can perform tasks that three- and four-year-olds have difficulty doing.

Animals have feelings

While they have different brain structures, experts estimate that animals such as crows and monkeys handle and use a combination of mental tools. It even involves imagining and anticipating possible future events so that they can solve problems.

Again, I saw some crows learning how to use nut cracking machines. They wait patiently at the crossroads while watching the traffic lights. Thus, with the traffic stop, they take out a crushed nut from the vehicles, which they put on the road earlier.

Furthermore, it is now clear that elephants grieve. Most mammals feel joy, love, and sadness or suffering. Once, in Ukraine, my mother-in-law took home a stray cat that lived in a hospital. It was not a kitten, but a full-grown cat. The cat now lived with her house in the country fifteen miles from the hospital and seemed unhappy.

Give credit to animals

One day, she opened the door and the cat flew past her, escaping into the fields. Ten days later, thinking she had lost the animal forever, she appeared on the hospital grounds. The animal had lost a lot of weight and appeared to have suffered a minor injury, but he was alive. He had found his way home through the fields and in the face of incredible obstacles.

So human beings must stop this obsession of comparing animals with human abilities. We choose things we are good at, like technology or language. And we then connect it with intelligence to the other species of our world. But animals are much smarter than we think. So let’s think twice before making any assumptions and give them the credit they deserve.

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