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The Clock and the Circle

Here is some very attractive code. I call it “The Clock and the Circle”, where the “Circle” is deduced, then, to be Pi. To properly implement this code, you need to work with the right “substrate”, which means “representation” in relation to the design.

Let’s break down the numbers of time.

A day is divided into 24 hours. This is the letter X. The 24-hour day is divided into 12-hour halves, roughly equal to “night” and “day”. X can be split in half as shown in The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. If you don’t want to accept Dan Brown’s demonstration that the X consists of an inverted “V” as male and “V” as female, then consider the scan from “Starshift: 1948”, a Masonic piece released in 1948, which may can be found on the Illuminatus Observor blog archived under the same title as this article.

It is not our position to assign “arbitrary value” to anything, as we believe that the design of the Alphabet is the key, and a rational and logical analysis of this key reveals the Construct in a precise and predictable manner. In the case where the “V’s” have a “value” of “6”, this is well established by the Isisian Codes, which as shown here reveal that the V is located in the number 6.

In addition to the labials of F and V occupying the position of column 6, the phonetic of the word FIVE (FV) itself is located in the number 6. This essential truth is the key to understanding the entire Illuminatus system:


Therefore the V as the feminine “5” is added by the 1 to itself to reveal the 15th letter of the O, which is “egg”, “o-varies”, “o-pen-is”, etc. Five is 6.

A like Six, the Secret of the Serpent Master Key

Here is another key to the Illuminatus system, and indeed there are many “keys”, but they are very different from “Keys”. Note that the word KEY contains 2/3 of the word EYE. It is often necessary to have the “keys” before you can “see”. This “key” is critical.

The Master Number is 11011. This is formed by the rhyming pattern of A, J, and K, where A is set to 1, J is set to 10, and K is set to 11. I recommend that you write these down as you go along. Each of these numbers are “ordinal values”, or their orderly placement in the alphabet.

Turn now to Genesis, Pi (3:14):The Lord God said to the serpent: “Because you have done this, you are cursed above all livestock and above all wild animals; you will walk on your belly and eat dust all the days of your life.

This means that whenever you show a “1” or “6”, it is often necessary to consider the possibility that they are either “1” if 6, or 6 if 1. The reason for this is again in the summary tables of Letters.

When you have AJK, it has a declared value of 1,10,11, as a process of setting ordinal letters. Place them as 11011 as a single unit, “go snake belly”, aka, “snake eyes” when playing craps, and you’ll get to the 6 on the belly, or the one standing on the “shit table” .

That “1 = 6” from a “kabbalistic” meaning can be easily deduced through the study of Kabbalah as practiced by the central Setian forces, which is the work of Rabbi Ginsberg at Inner.org. On this page is an article that aims to address “Kabbalah and String Theory”,

The full spelling of the letter yud is: yud (10), vav (6), dalet (4). The two additional letters, vav (6) and dalet (4) are themselves equal to the original yud (10). So the complete spelling of jud must be understood as an equation: 10 = 6 plus 4. The 10 dimensions of reality are divided into two categories, one of 6 and the other of 4.

In Kabbalah, vav (6) is considered the “male” element of reality while dalat (4) is considered the “female” element. The “female” principle of reality is the “revelation” while the “male” principle is hidden within the “female”.

These are literally false conclusions as the Isisian Code System readily reveals, and a subject we will seek to address at a later time once more background material is provided to help determine the esoteric codes at play, however , that’s enough. to say that Rabbi Ginsberg is using (essentially) the exact number patterns that we are using in relation to X (10).

“Vav”, 6, is considered 1.

6 and 4 (used in an additional formula 6+4=10) are connecting together to arrive at 10 (X), while Continental Masonic systems are attributed to the 4 Vs emanating from the center of X which have the values ​​of 6 and therefore 4*6=24=X placement of the letters. In addition, the “summary formula” of letter placement from 1:X is very much revealed to be “in play”, ie C = 3 = 1+2+3 = 6 = 1 since C is the alignment of the Sun, the Earth. , and the Moon in a perfect line to create an eclipse.

“1” as “6”

It is critical to intuitively understand the nature of V’s as “6” and “1” as “6”. What Dan Brown failed to discover when he concluded that X’s are both male and female, that the ascending (convex) chevron (inverted V) is male and the ascending (concave) chevron (V) is female, is precisely where upper or rising. the chevron as an inverted V is precisely “male”.

This is so because the “male” is “Osiris” who “is the Sun” as he “rises” in the horizon. The letter A is often referred to as the “Pyramid Letter”, “One Eyed God”, etc. The sequence of numbers as shown is taken from Plato’s Timaeus,

After that he completed double intervals [i.e. between 1, 2, 4, 8] and triple [i.e. between 1, 3, 9, 27] cutting out other parts also from the mixture, and placing them in intervals, so that in each interval there were two kinds of means, the one that exceeded and exceeded by equal parts of its extremes—-He divided this entire complex lengthwise into two parts, which he joined together in the center like the letter X, and bent them into a circular form, joining them to themselves and to each other at the point opposite to the point of their original meeting; and, comprehending them in a uniform rotation about the same axis, he made the one the outer circle and the other the inner circle.spring

There is a whole philosophy about Pi, the letter A, and the letter H, embedded within these phrases, but for now, understand that “1” is the apex of A, yet it still holds a hidden base (6) ( 2 *3=6=3+2+1=C)

Therefore this is “1” while V is a “five” and 1+2+3+4+5 = V = the letter O is feminine, to arrive at the letter Y as a child as a product of 3^ 2 + 4^2 = 5^, where the letter Y is placed at 25, thus revealing the formula.

Clock and circle solution

Now that you have a rational basis for understanding the relationship of V and inverted V to either being “5” or “6”, and that each can be said to have a value of 1, and that the 1’s are “6”, we can now select for “Clock and Circle”.

Study this hour first, and then the next hour.

What is the difference? Notice how the clock on the left uses IIII to represent 4, while the clock on the right uses IV to represent IV? Which one is right? Why one or the other? Here are some observations.

Hickory Dickory Dock

Here is a tale that is perhaps even a “key”. Follow along.

Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up to the clock

The clock struck one, the mouse ran down

Hickory dickory dock

continues until

Hickory dickory dock, five mice ran to the clock

The clock struck five, the mouse ran downstairs

Hickory dickory dock

Now study the two hours. If the V’s are 6 and the 6’s are 1’s, how many “1’s” are there in the first hour? What is the model?

If V are 6 and 6 are 1, how many “1’s” are there in the second clock? What is the model?

The key is “through 5”, or V.

Answer for Hour 1

I = 1

II = 2

III = 3

III = 4

V = 1

Answer for Hour 2

I = 1

II = 2

III = 3

IV = 2

V = 1

Which model looks more accurate? This is really a basic “IQ” form of “pattern recognition test”. Of course, if the KEY is 5, and the patterns are as follows:

Pattern 1 = 1,2,3,4,1

Pattern 2 = 1,2,3,2,1

And the SONG talks about “running up and down the clock”, 1,2,3,4,1 running up and down the clock or 1,2,3,2,1 running up and down the clock?

Of course, the latter “runs up and down the clock”, so it would be necessary to use the second clock for our analysis.

So here’s how it’s done.

I = 1 = 6

V = 1 = 6

X = 11 = 66 = (2)

Now see what happens to our “clock”.

I = 1 = 6

II = 2 = 66

III = 3 = 666

IV = 2 = 66

V = 1 = 6

VI = 2 = 66

VII = 3 = 666

VIII = 4 = 6666

IX = 3 = 666

X = 2 = 66

XI = 3 = 666

XII = 4 = 6666

How many “6”s are there? 30 sixes.

6 times 30 = 180 degrees, or half a circle.

30 times 12 = 360 degrees, or the full circle.

Therefore the Code discovers Pi in 180 conceptual degrees of the division of day and night, or if we allow “30” to be multiplied by 12 hours, we arrive at 360 degrees of the circle.

SP. So why would the IV be changed to a III? What would such a thing reveal? Why, 32, of course. The decimal digits of Pi, of course. I bet you’ve never seen this genius little code before.

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