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Failure – Who the Real God is

Failure is all about discovering your inborn limitations and it therefore make you realize what you will do within your power to prevent it from reoccurring in the future. Inasmuch as failure is your enemy and reminder of your agonies, try as much as possible to learn how to avoid failure, which Is a product of this filthy world of the making of Yahweh and his higher celestial officers of oppressors and captors. Thus always think of solution whenever you fail, because you are the energy and the eternal Solomon of yourself. You have to teach yourself the lessons of life before you can triumph the tribulations, which has been blocking your way to the citadel of understanding and accurate knowledge.

The truth is that it is not your fault that you fail neither those who are around you, but that there is an inborn crisis of impulses which are always trying their possible means to express themselves in your. And inasmuch as there are numerous impulses and drives that dominate your entire being, and been that these impulses and drives have equal and sometimes almost equal energy truncate your whole personality and neural perceptions. When these drives and impulses (otherwise called the soul-force) are at war with one another, you therefore suffer the consequence… you must surrender for one to dominate you – because this is the original owner of your soul, not the impostor; and leave the other…one is to make you free, while the other is to further enslave you in this mortal body. And most case, the negative impulses dominate the ever nourishing positive impulses bringing you the helmet of failure because of the irrational actualization of these drives in you.

Failures are bound to occur, but be friendly to failure as it is also the same factor that will lead you to the realm of success. However to triumph, stop complaining of your problems and failures to people because it is certainly not the best way to redeeming your lost glories. We must learn to accept defeat with an open heart, because by nature of our creation, we are imperfect and the world was a product of imperfection. And until we find our route back to our true maker whom Jesus Christ talked about, perfection is impossible and improbable. No one can influence nature, if you do sin are walloped asunder and perfection are moved far away from you… this is dancing to the rhythms of an impostor the potter, and the self acclaimed confused creator of the world, who has never ceased battling himself over how his mere creatures spoilt what he single-handedly built…this is a completely irony and an eternal ridicule.

However, the truth must be revealed, and thus the reason why Jesus had to die in order to practically expose the divine system mankind, “the lost and entrapped soul” can return to its true maker who has nothing to do with heavens and earth, but simply to liberate the soul he once cast out from his kingdom. Because there is the common saying that says, “A banana leaf cannot escape the damage of the rain, not even a sing drop of the rain.” I wouldn’t have told you these factors if not for the fact that it will help you in life, because I have learnt never to give a gift to a person who will not appreciate it how much more our father in Higher heavens who has never lost his anger on our souls but to return it so we can reason with him. Truly the true God will never turn evil to avoid failure, anything you think is good in your conscience, do. As the saying also goes, “your conscience is your god, the knowledge of good and evil” Thus appreciate your effort, and be self-motivating and courageous. Determination is the avenue to success and ways of preventing failures. Remembers that those that make it in life are not extraordinary, but ordinary people with extraordinary determination. Hence determination and positive mental attitude bring success.

Every person on this earth has a problem, even those who seen to be free and protected, I am not an exception to these facts. Rather do not think I cannot make mistakes, as long as I was conceived and wear this mortal uniform, therefore I m bound to failure and become imperfect, except the inner divine personality of the true God – the battling souls in their struggle to return to their true maker. We are all subject to failures. Ah! You should have presumed it to be a natural thing. But at this juncture, do not complain; fight the baser passion of the Divine impostor, the greatest liar of all time, the so-called Yahweh. When a soul complains all the times, then it will be difficult to know when that soul actually has a problem and this gives the impostor the furthering right to wangle their magical jamboree, thus everybody’s problem is nobody’s problems.

Do not cry of failure, but consider yourself slut a winner despite the fact that it is obvious you have failed and thus imperfect. There is a great individuality within our mortal uniform which shares a peculiar personality with the true maker and father of all souls. No great man on this earth today that I know, hence a great man must have passed through some tough times, but considering his present status, one would think he has never tasted suffering. It is better to teach a person how something can be done than to give him that which has been. Jesus came into the world in order to show mankind practical and simple examples how we can return to his father the true father and God of all souls, yes he succeeded, but unfortunately and otherwise fortunately, Yahweh and his celestial Cohort murdered him. Humility is not cowardice, Christ Humility is a case study for all true believers of Christ, and not some inspired religious morons who call themselves clergymen, imams, and other religious adept. Gentleness is not laziness and respect is therefore not fear, Religion on one hand cannot liberate your corrupt, sinful and enslaved soul back to heavens or back to earth to eat grass and live another mortal life again, this is a sheer propaganda adopted by the captor and impostor – Yahweh.

Through the grace of God, which abides in all souls – as the initial motive of the true God was to return these souls Back to him through another system, not by created manners as he was never the creator of heaven and Earth, the creator of heaven and earth is the Devil who have likened his name to “Yahweh”, “the Lord”, we have decided to be humble, respectful and gentle to the only true God the father of the Christ through those practical examples he – Jesus Christ laid down for humankind; at least for those who will dare challenge the authorship of Yahweh -the impostor as the true God, rather than as a captor and confused liar. And since the day man ate of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, becoming like him, this has grieved him. And thanks to whoever soul was composed of the serpent for surely he had truly reminded us of our Origin, least we would have been lost forever in ignorance in the garden to eat fruit like Animals of which we were.

Although I have never supported that any soul should fail in their search for the true God, inasmuch as I failed so many times in life for the search of truth, and knowing the pains in it, must prevent anything that might cause my fellow souls to fall short of the true knowledge in their awakenness of the identity of the true maker, in short mankind distress and failure. It is only bad people that can support bad things, and aspirations no good person does – For Yahweh to have held man captive for many years in the Garden of Eden, giving them food from the synthetic fibres of the earth, while he stayed and inspired confused souls to champion the argument that he had a reason for allowing man live in this Eden for numbers of years, until the serpent came and exposed the truth to these enslaved souls. This means with all due respect to all religious apologists, that this Yahweh was a liar and the true enemy of God Almighty the Father of Jesus Christ, the Yahweh is the real Lucifer the impostor, the confused and imperfect potter trying to imitate the craftsmanship of the real maker of all souls – God Almighty. He created his own world, which he called heaven and earth. The story goes that God almighty drove some coup-de tat angels from his kingdom, some where half way the earth, some to the seas, some to the abyss, and some to the other heavens.

Unfortunately the soul of mankind and those of animals were amongst the adversely affected souls wounded upon their fall from the kingdom of pure light, while those of Lucifer and his celestial cohort knew. These souls where under-going rageful rottenness, and when the impostors started their work, their started making animals and plants and man. because this particular rotten soul still has breathe in it, yearning to return for mercy from the father, the Devil took charge and gave it illusion of the father, appearing to be gods. He enslaved the soul in an earthly dust of the ground and call it “our image and likeness”, together with his cohort, the impostor and liar gained slave-master dominion over this souls. But you should however realize that failure is a natural thing, because a plantain sucker does not and can never produce before its mother. The devil failed and ignored the fact that he created another soul who pretended to be rotten but was not rotten. Although rotten in technical sense, but had the inclination that one day it must return to the true owner of it soul will desire to pardon these souls even in their rotten state…

This Being was no less than the serpent, a mere mortal animal could challenge the impostor -Yahweh to a fight of the true identity of who the real God was, the serpent knew the truth, and gave the truth to mortal -entrapped soul in Humankind still under the tutelage of the Lucifer and its cohort. the serpent did not went directly to Adam the over-estimated creature – enslaved soul of the impostor, rather the serpent knew knowledge itself and had gone to Eve who was regarded as weaker than man – in a semi lower state of rottenness in soul alchemy. again Eve was somewhat regarded as more ignorant and fool than Adam, but the Impostor got it all wrong entirely, because although he is the slave master, but that a time will come when the slave will rebel against his/her master, because the slave master was not the owner of its existence. And this boomerang goes further, that no true owner of a particular existence or creation will in the first place enslave its masterpiece.

Actually the serpent knew better and approached Eve, he dialogued the matter of the forbidden fruit with Eve and the ideal of who the actual real God was, and the impostor, his cohorts in same illusory drama who claimed to see and know all things didn’t see the event until a later date. Soul-Eve heeded to reason of divine sound judgment and etheric comparability and accepted with full heart the pros and cons of the Serpent and tasted of the fruit. To God be glory, once again the enslaved boomeranged soul – man knew he was an entrapped soul further enslaved by an impostor who wielded fear in the midst of his creatures. Their soul-energy otherwise refereed to as “Eye” became open to the ways of good and evil. Now the impostor knew he has become a loser, what he furnished as to further hide the truth from Man – his slave and puppet from the tree of eternal life. when Adam and Eve feared his loser-extinct presence, the Serpent was never scared of his presence rather was waiting to surrender to the truth by standing in firm boldness and challenged the crocked impostor, for this sole reason he was made to creep on the land till this day, to continue his slot he wade an enmity with the offsprings of the serpent and that of the woman – Eve.

The serpent knew best, and accepted, if this will bring their lost pristine happiness with the true father of all soul back to them, the serpent was ready to submit his earthly as a ransom for Soul-Liberation. Yet the Almighty father of all things knew best, that he sent his Only Begotten soul to redeem mankind and reward the serpent, and then the story went sway. This riddles simply means that the order of creation of higher celestial properties cannot be reversed, because the Lord of the world has made it so, he is a fallen soul like ours, and his condemnation is never to enter the Holy Kingdom of the true God, the Father of all soul and of Jesus Christ no more. Things happen in their natural orders, and no man on earth can prevent it from happening, we are mere mortals, an enslaved mortal for that matter… we cannot wield our right in this world, Christ has shown us the way, and only in his Father’s kingdom can we once again wield our truest rights as the sons and daughters of God; we shall no slaves anymore, not of the impostor, the Lucifer, the Loser, the Liar, and the confused soul and his cohorts. But our right will be to share in the goodness, mercy and loving kind-ness of the true father and God of all souls.

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