A Groups Unit Specific To An Animal Murder Of Crows The Connection Between Northern European Astronomy and Their Gods and Tree of Life

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The Connection Between Northern European Astronomy and Their Gods and Tree of Life

Each generation in a tribe faced numerous challenges that had to be successfully met if the nation was to survive. These included clan obligations, religious relationships, camp work, buying stories, etc. To acquire the necessary vital learning, cultures put sophisticated systems in place for the tribe to use. These tasks were rooted in their particular perspective on the nature of humans and the environment. The ancients considered themselves part of the natural world. They believed that everything came from the same source, so a bear, wolf or fish was our brother or sister and part of the evolutionary tree for a purpose. A bear being a relative is much more likely to be treated with kindness than an object most urbanized people have become – cut off from their brother. As they examined the natural world, they discovered in nature its wonderful details of how it worked. Each tribe reproduced the habits of the species they observed so they could live with the flow. In other words, each ‘fine’ of the tribe repeated the teachings of an animal in tribal life, and some began to see the written history of these animal gods even in the stars. All ancient mythology is but symbolism for a kind of Genealogy of the Tree of Life.

The magnificent Celtic world tree associated with the Milky Way as its massive roots reached down to the Earth., is also what was considered to be the origin of all peoples, each symbolized by an animal sitting on the tree. Each tribe was a descendant of these animal brothers or gods or a particular tree, river and so on. And just as animals were sacrificed in the circle of life, so were they. But all came from the world tree, even the winds and other trees. So many tribes chose the tree, animal, constellation, or mountain they would most likely see as their Mother or Father God. Whether the tribe was Japanese, Indian, First Nations and so on, we are all from one tree. Some tribes had a turtle instead of a tree, but they all mean the same thing. This is what comprises the ancient universe and the meaning of its powers. We can see with this tree, in the Welsh Celts of the Arthurian cults, who used the warriors of his court to help Culhwch (Kul oo k) by finding the ancient animals to look for the Mabo – the black bird, the deer, the owl , eagle and salmon. Ysbaddaden (pronounced – (Is ba thad’n) – meaning Giant Chief.) gives Culhwch some tasks to win his daughter Olwen (meaning “white trail” because she left white flowers where she walked) . It is my opinion, knowing that the Celts even in Roman times had tree-gods from which they were descended, that Ysbaddaden may have been the world-tree — the “Giant” tree, though I cannot prove this theory. The Blackbird replaces the Falcon in Norse myths.

In the Norwegian tree

The Norse decided on the frost giants (being the giants (probably large planets) of fire and ice in the space of sound or sea that explode and become land and planets, but they also came from the tree with the rainbow bridge (milky way) .and in its branches were similar ancient beasts of creation, which included an eagle and its knowledge, a hawk called Vedrfolnir, a squirrel called Ratatosk that runs up and down the ash tree and carries malicious messages between the eagle and Nidhogg. On the branches of the ash also run Four stags which feed on leaves and represent the four directions. Their names are: Dain, Dvalin, Dunyr, Durathror. Again all these constellations can be found in the sky. The falcon sits in the top of the eagle’s head in the sky.

Dain (sleeper) – one of the 4 deer constellations on the branches of the World Tree, an elven name that most likely gave birth to elves.

Dvalin (sleeper) – one of the 4 deer constellations, a dwarf name and the second smallest deer is the most likely ancestor of the Dwarves.

The duneyr (hanging ears) – the second largest of the stags – could have been the ancestor of any mythical creature that had hanging ears.

Durathror (slow beast) – the largest of the deer. Another long-forgotten constellation.

Ratatosk (gnash the tooth) – the squirrel constellation. It is the main star in Cassiopeia, with legs, body and two stars for its visible tail.

Geirrod- the eagle constellation, nameless among the Norse, but whose name we find as “Garuda” in Hindu mythology. Some called it a swan. (We call it Elyrch (meaning swan in Pwkatta – pronounced Eleerpuh)

Vedrfolnir (wind-dried) – constellation for the falcon above the eagle’s head.

Nidhogg (venom biter) – constellation of a serpent at the foot of the root of Yggdrasill. The constellation that some say is the same as Scorpio, which resides right at the base of the root of the tree. But I have read many others who say that the snake is like coiled energy and can move up and down the tree. It is the bridge to the otherworldly knowledge with skins and starts again at every stage of learning.

In a poem called “Grimnismal”, there are four stags on the lower roots and four stags on the upper branches, making 8 turns of the wheel. An eagle at the top of the branches and a serpent at the bottom. (The eagle is now seen as Cygnus the swan in summer).

One tells of the thunder god Thor helping the hero Aurvandil by carrying him in a basket from the frozen north. Along the way his toe slipped and was bitten by the frost, so Thor broke it off and threw it up into the sky to form a star.

An Anglo-Saxon (Celtic/Scandinavian) version of Aurvandil is Earandel, meaning ‘morning star’.

A giant named Thiassi, who took the goddess Idunn to attain youth from her eternal apples, was killed by the gods after they rescued him. To atone for this deed, Odin took the old giant’s eyes and threw them into the sky as punishment. These stars can only be the twin stars Castor and Pollux.

Other myths associated with constellations

Grendel – In mythic terms, it is a main character that disappears under a lake or sea implies that it is a constellation that sometimes slips below the celestial equator. From the northern Saxon regions, such as England, a good part of the constellation Scorpio is below the horizon and one of the zodiacal constellations. Checking the position, I found that Scorpio’s position makes it appear that he is drowning in mythical waters. The scorpion is also a creature with claws that loses a claw and its shoulder in the sky, like the same thing in the story of Beowulf.

Grendel’s Mother – There is a small constellation adjacent to Scorpius called Lupus, the wolf. He also ‘drowses’ in the mythical waters just before Scorpio. There is, if we read closely, a reference to being a “wolf-swimmer”. Lupus is associated with Pan and the fauns, and in Roman culture his festival survived into Christian times.

Vidofnir – the rooster/rooster that is perched on the highest branch of the World Tree is most likely Polaris, the North Star or magnetic north. It is golden and shines like a storm. An immortal sentinel watching over the world. A symbol of the “fire of the sun” forewarned. On earth his totem sings at dawn of the victory of light and the return of life. Among the Germanic tribes he is a spiritual guide. The same ‘boy’ is also Arthur – the pole star who has a wagon or plough. If V were to be changed to W, we get “Widofnir” meaning (Windbreaker), the name of the skies of the Vanir, considered the Norse deity of fertility.

Horses of many cultures

Horses of the Sun / Stars – In the Prose Edda, most are described as the mounts of various gods. Horses seem to involve either the sun and the moon following or leading the sun to the next zodiac sign or adventure. Sleipnir (son of Svadilfari) is the most famous of the horses only because it was Odin’s mount. Goth is Gunnarr’s horse. Gran was Sigurd’s horse. Gulltopr (also called “Gold-Top”) was Heimdallr’s horse. Hoof-Tosser, Kertr, Slangvir were others. Vakr was Morni’s horse. All-Bright, Alsvidhr, Arvakr, Early-Wake, Gladr, Gullfaxi, Sheen-Mane, Shining-Mane and Skinfaxi. There are also night horses and some of those names mentioned are Fjarsvartnir – Frosty-Mane.

These can go to any sign, as they are always pulling the Sun Lord or the Night Star Lord into his path. They can be legends of only one tribe. So you can really put every animal for every ‘fine’ (smaller groups are part of a larger tribe, but also function as an independent unit).

Auriga, Karrocieri or Wagoneri in early Wainman days, is the French Cocher, the Italian Cocchiere, and the German Fuhrmann. Its main star was considered a goat and sometimes a unicorn, then the myths went to the main constellation of Capricorn, the Turks had a mule.

The Holy Horse is a powerful symbol of intelligence, speed, grace, strength, virility and fertility. It was once seen in the constellation now called Pegasus. Called Epona in some Celtic tribes and so on. His flowing crest representing the brilliant rays of the sun as the Horse is a beast that carries the chariot of the Sun, or that of the Moon, across the sky. According to Kristian Kristiansen, in an article called Rock Art and Religion, horses appear in many Early Bronze Age rock carvings that show ancient scenes of fertility rites. He/She believes that the Horses were the symbolic twins who would be both ships and horses, night (ships) and day (horses). Horses were actually consulted by priests who would decipher their movements and sounds. Horses were held as sacred in many temples until Christianity, which then, as we see in the mocking humor of the movie “A Knight’s Tale”, would desecrate a church. The church tried to cover up many things from the pagan past.

Arthurian horses – Spumador (“foam”, sea foam and clouds); a horse of Arthur.

Bel Joeor – horse – Tristan / Passe-Brewel or Passebreul horse – Tristan.

Berring – the horse – Lancelot. Chestnut long-necked horse (Britain’s Live Horse) – Kai (Kay).

Cloven-Hoof Horse (Britain’s Looted Horse) – Owain (Yvain).

Drudwyn Horse – Mabon / Gwynn Dun Mane – Mabon. Dun-Grey (Pack-Horse of Britain) – Rhydderch Hael.

Gringalet, Gringolets, Gringuljete horse with red ears – Lahelin, Orilus, Urjan, Lischois and Gawain.

Llamrei – Artur.

Scottish Horse – Pale Yellow Stud Horse (Britain’s Gift Horse) – Leo.

Passeland – Arthur. Lluagor (host opener) – Caradawg’s horse.

Arthurian. The word “Nightmares” is a name derived from the Celts who believed they were brought by a visiting horse goddess like Epona – Night, moon, mystery and magic.

Norse Horses – Gyllir, Blakkr, Hamskerpir, Silfrintoppr, Hrafn, Sinir, Amfaxi, Skeidbrimir, Hœnir, Gardrofa, Glaumr, Tjaldari, Glenr, Lungr, Valr, Marr, Vigg.

In most Celtic myths, horses are either black or white, thus providing more evidence of night and day or the dark half and light half of the wheel of the year.

So in conclusion we see in many cultures whether it is deer, birds or other animals – they represent the four directions. Even a First Nations tribe demonstrated this at an opening ceremony at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada BC – Each animal represented one of the constellations of the Four Directions, the White Buffalo (in the north), the Eagle (in the east), the Wolf (in south) and Bear (west).

From Brahva Cwmevos

Copyright 2 April 2012

Bibliography –

This article was off the top of my head, but over the years I have been influenced by the Writings of Kristian Kristiansen, the Eddas, and other Celtic scholars like Mathew and Caitlin, Peter Ellis, JeanMarkale, etc.

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