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The Giving Husband

Before I met my wife, I wasn’t the best at giving gifts.

It always stressed me out.

I never knew what to get someone.

And there have been plenty of gifts I’ve given that have NOT hit their mark.

I still remember giving my dad a butane lighter for his birthday one time…

I do you not you. He asked seriously, “Is that it?”

And I understand.

It’s not great to get something that isn’t great.

But it was only once I met my wife that I really understood.

And that I started to really develop my gift-giving craft.

You see, one of my wife’s love languages ​​is gifts.

Both giving and receiving gifts.

This was something that was completely new to me.

Before, I confess, I actually looked down on having it as kind of a bad thing for people.

It seemed materialistic to me.

But the reality is.

I just didn’t get it…

However, thanks to my wife, now I do!

You see, gifts don’t have to be expensive to be good.

What is most important is that they are a physical embodiment of the fact that you love or care for the person.

See, love can be very abstract. But a gift makes it concrete. It makes it real.

If you can, further, tap into one of that person’s interests, then you’re well on your way to giving away something great.

But you can go even further in the craft of gift giving in my experience.

You can do this by getting PHILOSOPHICAL about it.

You see, I just realized what was important and powerful about gift giving…

I started thinking about how to really build on that.

How to show even more thought. Even more consideration. Even more love. With the gifts you give.

And I found that a powerful way to do that is by looking at the various gifts you give a person as what I like to call a synergistic organic unity.

This is the fancy philosopher who speaks of wholes that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Different gifts can be thought of as part of an entire gift experience.

Or a whole bunch of gifts you gave them.

For example, my wife loves Funko Pops. They are a great collection of figures spanning all kinds of franchises including Star Wars, Marvel, Anime and basically anything else you can think of.

Each one is cute and well made. But what’s ESPECIALLY sweet about having different is that it allows you to have all kinds of characters from the same AND different universes that all have the same aesthetic.

This makes the character collection more awesome than if you just had different random figures with different styles.

When I first met my wife, she already had a collection of pops.

But I’ve helped him build it with all kinds of characters.

Every time I give her one, I like to make her a character out of something we’ve experienced together. To make the addition of this new piece to her collection. EVEN more special and valuable.

Another example is some jewelry I gave to my wife.

I found some kind of twinkling crystal bracelet with a magnetic clasp that really resonates with it.

At first I gave him one.

But I have since realized that they come in all kinds of colors.

And that there are other bracelets and necklaces with the same aesthetic.

So I’ve given her more of these over time.

Building on previous crystal bracelets.

Adding different colored bracelets.

The ones that complement what I’ve already given.

So they can all come together in one awesome set that she can wear all together!

Again, that way, each subsequent gift isn’t just another random piece of jewelry.

Each is part of a synergistically growing collection that she can wear in different combinations!

Synergistic organic units like these gift collections for my wife are all around us…

They have the power to radically transform our lives for the better…

An easy and powerful way to implement them is to give gifts to the people in your life.

Think about what they care about. And how to build on it.

By thinking this way, you have a deeper interest in people and what they care about.

And it can make you a better person.

Learning to pay attention. To take care of. And to give more and more based on that careful attention.

Learn to harness the power of organics in your gift giving…

And feel your heart light up as you watch a grateful world smile broadly in return!

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