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How to Draw a Jellyfish

A jellyfish is an aquatic animal with a separate ‘phylum’ (classification of ‘kingdom’) known as Cnidaria. Similar-looking animals from the Ctenophora Phylum are sometimes included in jellyfish. An interesting fact about the jellyfish is that it is not a fish (aquatic vertebrate) as such. This invertebrate is distinguished by its free-flowing body with a tentacle-like appearance. The middle region of the mantle is made of non-living (jelly-like) Mesoglea, which is almost 90 percent water. Long tentacles (used for catching prey) extend from the central part of the ‘dome’, which create a crawling structure. These beautiful and delicate animals are deadly predators. Although, the basic structure remains the same, different subgroups differ in details.

Steps for drawing a jellyfish: aesthetic appeal and complexity are often the guiding points in choosing a species to draw. The following steps will teach you how to draw a jellyfish:

• Pattern: There are over a thousand different species of jellyfish, classified as scyphomedusae, cubomedusae, stauromedusae and hydromedusae. The 200 species of scyphomedusae are usually considered true jellyfish. From a visual point of view, the species differ in terms of shape, color and structure of the umbrella. Another distinguishing point is the type, length and number of tentacles. Chrysaora fuscescens, Chrysaora, etc. have more fertile tentacles and oral wings (used for food). On the other hand, Aequorea Victoria, Aurelia, Chrysaora colorata etc have flatter and lighter bodies with little or no oral wings. Species, such as Cotylorhiza tuberculata, Ball Jellyfish, Scrippsia pacifica, and so on, are known for their unique structures. Once you have done your research, get a suitable picture of the animal to use as a reference for your work.

• Basic frame: The design of the frame will depend on the type chosen. However, some features will apply to all. Take an oval for the top of the umbrella. For species, such as the Cannonball Jellyfish, the oval should be vertically aligned. To emphasize any visible layers or angular looks, curved partings will be used inside the oval in later stages. If your reference photo allows it, designate the number of tentacles using curved lines. Sketch the rough outlines of the mouth wings, if any.

• Detailed drawing: First define the shape of the exo-umbrella. Varieties, such as the Lion’s Mane jellyfish, have split lip patterns. On the other hand, the Mediterranean jellyfish (Cotylorhiza tuberculata) has a top structure that resembles a fried egg, with a hemisphere in the center. For darker subgroups, e.g. purple striped jellyfish (Chrysaora colorata), create the pattern in the exo umbrella. Tentacles can involve a tedious job or a simple task, depending on the figure you’ve chosen. However, each individual organ is quite simple to draw.

• Colors and shading: A pencil sketch or color drawing is a matter of personal preference. However, colors are preferred in the case of brightly colored (eg Mediterranean jellyfish) or transparent (eg Aurelia) varieties. However, coloring the tangled web of tentacles on the lion’s mane jellyfish can be tricky.

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