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Finding Your Primal Self

Many men today are struggling with self-destructive thoughts about their masculinity today. Most of us fall victim to the commonplaces of everyday life; mundane, repetitive and incredibly lazy. Our society relies heavily on technology and many of us have lost touch with that primal, animal-like being within us; our inner man. It doesn’t really matter how we lost touch with him, just that we did HAVE lost touch with him. We are the average man of our time. I’m here to break your primal self and get in touch with your roots as a man.

1. Get out of your house now – I don’t care if it’s hot, if it’s cold, if it’s wet or if it’s dry – get out. Part of being a man is getting in touch with your masculinity, and that includes being outside in nature. Society has parks for us that I call civilized forests, so why not wander off the trail for a bit? The point of being outside in nature is to allow yourself to be at the mercy of the world. Not at the mercy of the man-made world he lives in every day, but the world itself! Nature, weather, cuts and bruises.

Whether or not you prefer to wander through an uninhabited mountain range for 100 miles in each direction, or just off the trails at your local park, just get outside and learn to love and become one with nature. If you’re more of a trail hiker, that’s fine too, just get outside and feel what it’s like to be alone with the wild. Our ancestors were travelers and would risk life and limb traveling through the wilds with nothing more than the flock on their backs and whatever they could carry. Why not try it yourself? Sure, you have a home to return to, but that’s beside the point.

2. Give up your crutches – be it alcohol, caffeine, tv, computer, food, cigarettes, whatever, it doesn’t matter, give up for a while and feel how you feel you need to. Once you’ve got your desire, it’s time to turn it into something productive. This will empower you and allow you to realize that you don’t need a material or substance to make you happy or feel normal. Then you will begin to realize that your crutches were holding you back from becoming the person you are meant to be. You have to be face to face with your life, you have to face it dead and deal with it moment by moment. Ditch the crutch and walk in the wind. It’s time to face your life and it’s time to accept that it’s the only life you have, and you have to attack it with full force and a full sense of self. You are a man of life, you are a man who stands in front of his life and takes control. Get rid of your crutches.

3. Do something you’ve always wanted to do – but were always afraid to do. It’s time to break the fear barrier now. Think of something you’ve always wanted to do and go do it. Be realistic here, but also be realistic about your wants and desires as a man. Whether building a house, or going out with a parachute; do it Discover that fear is your friend and discover that you can handle much more than a “fear” that exists only in your mind. Fear is your friend. Live in it constantly and learn to radiate your masculinity in your fear. I don’t mean sleeping in a graveyard fear (unless that’s something you’ve always wanted to do), I mean just go out and do something you’ve been putting off because of this or that. Life is happening right now, so you have to happen with it.

4. Live for yourself – and follow your desires. You can’t be a man without a purpose. Men are purposeful creatures and always have something new they want or need to achieve. You need to realize your dreams and start moving towards them immediately. What’s stopping you? Live for something and put your desires first. Don’t let your life get weighed down by your desires and don’t forget to take care of what you need to take care of in real life, but for now, find out what you want and make your changes starting now. Don’t put your desires on the back burner, you will never grow up and you will always have that unsatisfied desire.

5. Push yourself – Break out of the norm. Feel what it’s like to do something you don’t normally do. Take a chance and start taking risks. Be smart about your choices, but also have balls. Life has never been handed to you, and you know it because you are reading this right now. So instead of waiting for this or that, go out and do what you need to do now, risk or not. Go do it!

6. Patience, respect, productivity – all these are principles that I follow as a man, they are my code and they are my friend. These are only part of my code, but they are the key to my daily life. Patience is obvious, you must see that patience is indeed a virtue and appreciate that virtue. You have to see that respect is more than something you earn, but something you give. You need to see that productivity is the key to life and will lead you to much more than you can imagine right now — stop giving half of yourself to your job, your wife, your family, your life and start giving it your all. When you practice these three basic principles, you will live a more fulfilling life.

7. Know your life – it will end one day. Know this every day and you will begin to see that the choices you are making every day will lead to your death. This is for everyone, be it good or bad choices, we all die. The sooner you overcome your fear of death, the sooner you can start living your life to the fullest. Be a man and know that one day you will end.

8. Bite the bullet – when you have to. Remember whenever you have to do those things you hate or have to do, it’s better to do them with full presence and productivity than to slumber around and wish you could be doing something else. Because face it, you’re not. This goes along with facing your life as it is. Life is what it is, and you know it now, deal with it.

9. Sweat and bleeding – these are two things that many of us avoid. It’s time to get out and break some back, get dirty and make some waves. Go out and sweat and bleed and push your physical body hard and far, and know that your strength lies more in your mind than in your body. When you can push your physical body further than you thought possible, you’ve reached more than 90% of the people out there. Nobody pushes themselves anymore these days, be a man and push.

10. Love your wife – one of the most effective ways to feel more like a man than ever is to love your wife who is ever so feminine. The more you see the difference between you and her, the more your masculinity emerges. Do not fight your wife, do not get lost in her waves of emotions and love. Be a man and lead her, show her you can handle it and you can handle life. She will love you more for it, and she will also feel more feminine herself, which woman she surely loves. Make your wife feel like a woman and be a man! Stop agreeing when you disagree, stop being a pushover. Take your stand and follow through on what you say. You know what I’m saying when you’re letting your wife take the pants, you can feel it. You feel less masculine because you have given up power. This doesn’t mean you own your woman or are always right or in charge, but when you have to be a man, you have to stand up and be a man. Your wife will sense this and love and trust you more. Don’t do whatever she says just to make her happy so that she stops dating you, do it because she is your wife and you love your wife.

These are my first tips for being a man. Many people have their own ideas of what it is to be a man, this is mine. If you follow these principles, you will soon see a more masculine being emerge; your inner man.

Take care

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