6 Why Is Photosynthesis Also Important For People And Animals We Are the People Who Will Halt Global Warming

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We Are the People Who Will Halt Global Warming

Why Are Trees So Important?

The Tree is the Lifegiver

Trees are the highest form of life on our planet. How do they live in the Light? They serve as our connector between the Light of the Sun and the strength of the Earth Itself. The tree reaches its trunk and its light energizing leaves into the sky. It pulls down the light with its cells in an excited state of exultation. How does the tree serve as the energy bridge between all life on Earth and the cosmos? The Tree Is The Bridge Of Energy!

The tree is the bridge of energy. The leaves of trees, reaching into the skies, pull down the light of the Sun, our only source of life on Earth. Within its leaves, cells receive the light of the Sun. A special molecule called chlorophyll experiences an exultation by the Light. Molecules of chlorophyll have their electrons excited. In the leaf the electrons surrounding the atom are moved into a higher plane of existence for a moment – an excited state.

The Excited State – The Basis Of Life On Earth

This moment of excitement or exultation is extremely short, but it is being experienced by thousands of leaves at the same time. The electron then drops down to its proper orbit. But when it drops back, all the energy, all of life on Earth, is renewed. This energy is released when the electron drops back to drive the process of photosynthesis or the generation of food from carbon dioxide and water. So this excitement or exultation creates all food on the earth. The tree produces food in its leaves and through its circulatory system, carries this food down to its roots.

The Roots Ground The Truth And Connect It To The Earth’s Own Energy Flow

Ah! roots – The roots are the force that binds the Light to our Earth. Through the living conduit of the tree, Light is brought down from the leaves, is stabilized and anchored to our Earth. This incredible feat of creating the food we animals digest is the most important

The Problem Of Forest Destruction

I have spent my entire life watching great trees being destroyed by Exploiters. First when I was 8 years old, the Crossett Lumber company used decided to gain control of hundreds of acres of my family’s land in Arkansas. They went over this land, and girdled thousands of oak tress, many over 500 years old. They didn’t even use them. They just girdled them. Eventually they burned them adding to carbon emissions.

Two years ago in Arkansas, they logged this land again. They used skidders in the rain, making ruts 4 to five feet deep. I had to leave Arkansas because I was photographing this desecration, planning to expose this desecration of the land and the trees. The hard disk on which these photographs was being kept was stolen from a safety deposit box. The forest despoilers have deep pockets and can buy anyone.

I am happy that here in Your community I can join in the active movement to replant lands that are deforested and have become useless. There are millions of acres in the tropics that can be replanted to trees. Land standing idle, covered with useless grasses, devastated lands. lands where soil erosion has taken away all the topsoil. Topsoil can be rebuilt. Tree can be replanted. And we can renew the lungs of our planets. And since the air in the world is in global circulation, planting a tree in Brazil can affect the weather in Your community. The world is one.

The Problem Of Carbon Emissions

Every time you breathe, eat, use your car, use any product manufactured in a factory you are emitting carbon dioxide into the air. You re contributing to greenhouse gases and global warming. As an American you put 25 to thirty tons of carbon ANNUALLY into the atmosphere, the largest percent of any nation in the world. You owe a tremendous carbon debt.

But your carbon debt is not just the CO2 you give off when you breathe. It’s your share of the carbon emissions into the atmosphere when:

o you operate your care

o you use electricity generated by utilities

o when you use heavy equipment when you ride on road produced by heavy equipment

o when you use your hot water heater, your iron, your VCR, your computer, all your household appliances

o Use public services such as municipal water, street clears, garbage pickup all government vehicles

o Any product you use has been grown with the use of tractors, shipped by trucks or train or boat

o Any product placed in the stores, with workers who are emitting carbon into the air

o any food or other items produce din a processing plant, the packaging plant the forests cut down to provide the paper, the pulp and paper mills

o The company that produced the shelving in the store


and let’s not forget the trash carryout, the landfills giving off methane gas as the result of your waste. Your share of these carbon emission in the US is what generated most of the carbon emission on our planet that are causing Global warming, Every American is probably putting into the environment a total of 25-40 tons of carbon per year.Because each American is probably putting 30 plus tons of carbon into our planets atmosphere in the US we need to take responsibility for paying this carbon debt. Tree planting, as well as lowering our energy use are ways we can effect this. And of course we can plant trees


o Plant More Indoor Plants

o Plant Trees And Shrubs In Our Yards

o Use Ecofriendly Cleansing Products, To Avoid Putting Toxic Wastes In Our Water Supply.

o Use Ecofriendly Products, To Prevent The Toxic Residues From Touching Our Children’s Hands And Then Having Them Put Them In The Children Mouths

o Clean Our Floors With Nontoxic Cleanses To Prevent Our Children And Pets From Being Exposed To Toxic Fumes And Residues

o Use Ecofriendly Cleansing Products To Prevent The Release Of Toxic Fumes

o Use Products That Are Biodegradable, To Lower Our Landfill Burden.

o Sponsor Trees To Be Planted In A Tropical Country, To Help Halt Global Warming.

o Share This Information With A Family Member, A Friend Or Group To Enable Someone We Care For To Be Made More Safe.

o Do Everything We Can In Homes, Our Yards, Our Communities To Combat The Buildup Of Greenhouse Gases And The Subsequent Global Warming.

o Do Not Burn Leaves Or Send Them To The Landfill. Compost Them To Fertilize Your Yard

o Lower Your Personal Carbon Emissions By Conserving Energy And Automobile Use

o Use Water Conserving Landscaping Systems

o Use Environmentally Sound Air Filters

o Change Air Filters In Your Home Often And Dispose Of Safely

o Use Water Filters Attached To Your Water System Instead Of Buying Bottled Water. If You Must Buy Bottled Water, Use Larger Containers And Refill Small Containers From The Larger One

o Use Only Natural Perfumes Made From Organic Essential Oils

o Use Shade Grown Coffee Instead Of Sun Grown

o Use Tree Free Paper Instead Of Tree Based Paper

o Use Full Specturm Lights And Lighting System

o Use Natural Pet Care Products

o Grow And Use Organic Vegetables

o Use Natural Cosmetics That Were Not Tested On Animals Or Made With Petroleum Solvents

o Use Organic Cottons And Other Antural Fiber Based Fibers

o Use Colored Cottons,

o Use Natural Herbs


o Purchase as many cloth or mesh bags as you normally use to get groceries. Keep them in your car. Take them with you to grocery stores, convenience stores, the mall, etc. Do not accept a paper or plastic bag.

o Never ever use Styrofoam – purchase glass or plastic dishware and wash them by hand and carry your own drink cup for beverages.

o Use both sides of every sheet of paper – use the back of envelopes for phone messages – cut up one sided letters for scratch paper

o Invest in resealable containers for storing leftovers. Avoid the use of disposable wrappers and storage bags.

o If you must use them, wash and reuse all plastic storage bags, just like you would wash your dishes

o Use the air dryer instead of paper towels in restrooms and cut down on the length of paper towels that you use, if no air dryers are available

o Recycle -recycle-recycle

o Limit air conditioners ruse to the hottest days

o Use cloth diapers

o Encourage adoption

o Plant trees

o Don’t smoke

o Discourage hunting

o Buy an old house instead of clearing land for a new one

o Make a compost pile. Have worms eat your organic garbage.

o Never never release balloons into the air. They will probably end up choking the birds or sea animals that eat them.

o Minimize the use of paper towels and paper napkins. Invest in cloth napkins for everyday use,. Use a wiping cloth or towel rather than paper towels for cleansing. And use a plate at times when you would have reached for a paper napkin or paper towel plates can be washed

o Limit single person car us by car-pooling whenever possible – walk, bicycle or use mass transit instead

o Eliminate the junk mail that your receive. Write organizations to have your name removed from their lists., If it is a magazine that you can read a the local library, do not have it sent to your home. Write to Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, 11 West 42nd St, P O Box 3861, New York, NY 10163-3861 – they will stop your name from being sold to large mailing list companies, reducing your junk mail up to 75%.

o Choose foods that are lower on the food chain, such as grains and vegetables – they are much better for your health, and are less destructive to the environmental than the burgers that you pick up at fast food chains.

o Become involved,. Check into what organizations are environmentally-minded, then commit yourself to obtaining information and taking action by spreading the word among your families, friends and co-workers

o Shop for products that have as little packaging as possible., Buy the largest size package or a concentrate at the store and then at home, mix or refill in another containers

o Buy products that use recycled materials in their manufacturing or packaging

o Never use cleaners that contain chlorine bleach (ion most of the ones in your cupboards!) Not only is the bleach not good for you, it also washes right on down your drains and proceeds to contaminate the water supply and anything that drinks from it. Use home-made household cleansers including non-chlorine bleach, vinegar and baking soda.

o Patronize shops that are environmentally minded. Shop at a second hand stores, garage sales, and thrift stores instead of the mall.

o Evaluate the amount of stuff that you need to live with. If you get new stuff, give away a like amount of old stuff.

o Never every buy or use general Electric products. In addition to making your light bulbs and appliances, they also generate nuclear weaponry that has already claimed thousands of lives and devastated the environment through its production and secretive testing.

o Limit the purchase of all appliances, especially those containing cfcs. Take caution when disposing of CFC containing appliances, and when getting your car’s air condition check, as these gases escape into the atmosphere and are depleting the ozone layer.

o Use a low phosphate or phosphate free detergent, And use a little less detergent as manufacturer always recommend more detergent than necessary

o Reuse lumber for construction

o Check your car’s tire pressure at least every other time the gas tank is filled, and maintain the recommended pressure.

o More than 200 million tires are discarded each year, usually due to improper maintenance.

o Stop illuminating the entire building. Turn all off unnecessary lighting except in your immediate space.

o Perform a toxic cleansers and household hazardous wastes audit in your home

o Before you toss the holders from 6 packs of beverages, snip each circle with a pair of scissors. They are sure killer of garbage sump cats and marine animals as they get the rings caught around their neck.

o Ask the local utility company to do an energy audit and provide suggestions on ways to conserve energy in your home and workplace.

o Do not waste water by running the faucet unnecessarily.

o Do not leave the television on unless a program is being watched.

o Spread the word at fast-food restaurant by commenting to managers about good/bad environmental habits., Let personnel know that you appreciate environmentally conscientious franchisees.

o Use rechargeable (Nickel-cadmium) batteries they are more expensive that carbon-zinc batteries, but are a better value because they last longer, thus contributing t little less to our hazardous waste problems.

o Join an environmental organisations such as Nature Conservancy, Audubon Society, World Wildlife Fund, National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club.

o If you are a Christian get involved with your church’s environmental movement. If you are Presbyterian, contact Presbyterians for Restoring creation.

o Recruit at least one other persons to join your environmental efforts- and encourage them to do the same.

If we do our job right, we can regenerate our environment and halt global warming.

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