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The Amazing Story of Ginny the Elephant (Warning – Get Kleenex!)

Once upon a time, I took my group of animal communication students to the San Antonio Zoo.

Their instructions were to wander around and find an animal teacher to practice communicating with for about an hour. Then we were all going to meet at the elephant enclosure, because there was a very special elephant named Ginny that I wanted to introduce them to. I also wanted to tell them an amazing elephant story – Genie’s story.

They had learned how to better connect and open the conversation. Some of the students, being very sensitive and empathetic like me, were worried.

What if the animal’s story was heartbreaking? What if they were in pain, angry, sad or sad…? And what if their misery was more than they could bear?


I understood their concerns. I’ve felt them myself and have often had students tell me they were afraid to work with rescued, abused or sick, transitioning animals… for the same reasons.

But here’s the thing…

Whatever is happening or has already happened to the animal is part of their story. What they need is the ability to communicate and be heard so they can heal and let go.

It’s not your job to deal with their stuff when you open a channel to communicate.

Your job is to give them a way to be understood, to feel compassion, loving attention, to create a heart-centered space to listen and care, and THAT is a such a precious gift.

Many times healing happens, positive changes happen that were unexpected, and right before your eyes (if you do it right), you can see them become more fully present, they heal, they grow, they breathe a big sigh of relief relief and they let the past go.

It is a miracle to witness and heartwarming beyond belief.

So, kleenex in their pockets, hearts open and available, with purpose loving and clear, off they went!

When we met again at the elephant enclosure later, they were pleased with their experiences. Some animals ignored them, they were too lost in their own world and not interested in talking to a human.

The other animals were so grateful to be heard, they were excited and pleased.

They said things like, “Wait, are you saying something? You, a dense man, can you hear me? This can’t be right… I thought people weren’t very aware of communicating. Seriously, you’re really talking to me? And you can hear me too?? OMG! Let me go get my friends!”

And other animals would come running eager to witness the wonder of a man who could hear them and speak their language.

So much fun!! And the stories they told? Oh my.

Hello! Inspirational! Touching! Wow.

Today I have another story to tell you.

A few weeks ago a zoo doctor called me to come help them with one of their elephants.

Ginny, the 50-year-old matriarch of the zoo’s small herd of elephants, had killed their head bearer.

No one else was there when it happened, so there were no witnesses. Only the evidence of the carnage left behind.

When I arrived, she was chained to a metal cage barely big for her body. She stood there dejected, but proud, calm and withdrawn. She has resigned and is awaiting the determination of her fate.

The executives and management had not decided whether they should kill him or not.

Why was she a cheater?

Was she dangerous?

Would it hurt someone else?

What happened that she killed that man?

Before they decided what to do with him, they wanted me to talk to him and find out exactly what happened.

So I walked in to find all the people sitting in a circle waiting for me. I greeted them, sat down and took my seat.

I only had a moment to greet Ginny, whom I had never met before, and offer her my assurance that my goal was to be her voice and that I truly cared what happened to her.

They didn’t give me any more information than you know now, so I closed my eyes and tuned into Ginny, asking her to tell me what happened.

She told me that the man often abused her and her family flock. That he hadn’t been there long, but was unloved and disliked. That he often appeared smelling of alcohol and acting badly, strangely, unpredictably.

That fateful day she decided she had had enough. He had hurt and terrorized them long enough.

It was her duty as matriarch to protect her family, and so she made the difficult decision and acted.

She simply and calmly reached out to him, grabbed him around the waist, picked him up and held him up, turned him upside down and slammed his head into the ground hard enough to crack open his skull.

And that was it.

She took a deep breath and I thanked her for telling me.

I told her story to the people present.

They had tears in their eyes as they listened and then looked at each other.

I was told that yes, he was abusive and yes, he was often drunk. Nobody liked him. No one mourned him.

They asked me what Ginny meant to the rest… would it hurt them if they let her go?

When I asked, Ginny said, “No, you’re all kind and good-hearted people. I mean you mean no harm. I want my family to be safe and respected.”

With few assurances other than that they were in fact safe, they eagerly released the chains, opened the cage, and set him free.

We all had tears in our eyes as she reached out to thank those closest to her with a gentle touch of her trunk.

The look in her eyes… well, I tear up just remembering it honestly.

And so she continued as the matriarch of the herd. She never hurt anyone else.

This brings us back to where we started… It was just a few weeks later when I was there at the zoo with my students.

After the students had finished their conversations with the animals, we had all agreed to rejoin the elephant enclosure.

We were at the far end of the enclosure sitting on a bench in the shade. We talked talking about our extraordinary experiences.

Then… I saw Ginny at the opposite end of the enclosure far away from us.

She had been eating by herself far away from the crowd.

But all of a sudden, it got real… and she stopped chewing.

She held her head up, then looked at us across the enclosure as her ears perked up with excitement.

She then reached down and gathered a large bundle of grass into her trunk and held it as she walked all the way…

And then she stopped, right in front of us!

As she faced us, she dropped hay and began to chew.

She greeted us with love, welcoming us to her home. She answered many of our questions and the students were delighted to hear her sweet and kind voice.

Suddenly one of the elephant handlers came running towards us in alarm.

They said, “What are you doing to that elephant!? She never pays attention to tourists and zoo visitors. Why is she so interested in you?”

So we told her the story and as soon as she realized who I was, she wanted to shake my hand and give me a hug. With tears in her eyes she thanked me profusely for my help in saving Ginny’s life.

And that’s why I do the work I do.

It makes a difference.

And that’s why I founded the Heart School for Animal Communication. That’s why I host the BEST Online Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club and offer courses to teach animal lovers how to communicate with animals themselves.

The great news is that you don’t have to be physically with me in person like my original small group of students talking about animals.

Heart School and Animal Talk Coaching Club courses are all online. This way you can participate from wherever you are.

Get started with your Free eBook to begin your journey to animal communication:

Seriously, if you want to be able to talk to animals, increase your communication, healing and intuitive skills and are ready for deep and intimate training so you too can make a difference, then this is what you are looking for.

What is Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club?

Simply put, it is a complete, diverse online portal where you have everything you need at your fingertips to enhance your intuitive abilities, improve and advance your communication skills.

So you can help animals when they are not feeling well, are confused, have something important to tell you and when they are ready to make their transition.

A private, loving, unique community of people just like you who are committed to growing, healing and developing through the power of Heart Wisdom Communication.

The BEST Online Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club is the best place to be if you are serious about improving your intuition, healing ability and communication skills.

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Please share with anyone you think might be interested or would appreciate Ginny’s heartwarming story.

Have you ever had a life changing experience with an animal? Leave a comment!

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