5 Videos Of Extinct Animals That May Still Be Alive 7 Extinct Creatures That Were Horrifying Gigantic Versions of Today’s Animals

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7 Extinct Creatures That Were Horrifying Gigantic Versions of Today’s Animals

In our daily lives, few things can scare us more. Sure, when we were young, but eventually we got over those fears and realized that there is no such thing as a vampire or a werewolf, and as we got older we were afraid of other things like: big dogs, clowns, and grandma, who always they wanted to kiss us on the mouth, they all died out. The reason we don’t have to act out of primal fear, like most other animals in nature, is because we rarely come face-to-face with a creature that can bite us in half and go about its daily routine, unless of course . You live in the outback of Australia where every day is an epic struggle for survival. However, since you’re reading this post from your computer, I assume you’re enjoying the comforts of civilization, except that if you live in Australia, then there’s a good chance you’re dead.

Most creatures today are too small to pose a serious threat, and the ones that can kill us are tucked away in dark corners of the world where hardly anyone bothers to live. However, it was a time when nature was still trying to decide which of its creations was worthy of being the dominant life form in its ecosystem, and it came up with some seriously weird and downright terrifying designs during this testing phase. and error. We’re talking long ago, a time when the human species wasn’t around or were still trying to prepare meat without setting their back hair on fire. In this ancient world, nature seemed to have a particularly hard time establishing a sense of scale for its creations, and basically everything alive during that time was large and equipped with claws that could knock your head off with a single shot.

Fortunately for us, we dodged an evolutionary bullet when nature corrected its mistake by hitting the reset button – or shrinking the size of these monstrous creatures. If this had never happened, humanity would undoubtedly have declared war on every single extinct creature on this list, and we’d probably be checking our email from a house that resembles a zombie apocalypse bunker while we pray. so that our scent does not. get caught by extinct creatures like:

Gigantopithecus, known as Big Foot

Although it may not seem like the most terrifying extinct creature on this list, there is something about this giant primate that warrants consideration. Namely, these apes were around at a time when humans were already walking the earth… Just imagine standing eye to eye with a 10-foot-tall, 1,200-pound gorilla and not having a flamethrower to protect yourself.

A complete skeleton of these primates has never been found, so scientists are still trying to fill in some of the gaps. Common belief is that they walked on all fours, so these photos are more to demonstrate its formidable size. However, anthropologist Grover Krantz proposed the idea that they actually walked on 2 legs as he tried to connect this extinct animal with the existence of a creature that is said to still be alive today, the legendary Bigfoot.

Argentavis Magnificens, the giant bird

This gigantic bird of prey is the largest bird to ever terrorize the sky. It had a wingspan about the same size as a Learjet and could, without a doubt, grab a full-grown person off the ground and shoot them all in one fell swoop. Although I would give up a liver to see one of these magnificent bastards, I think we can all thank God Almighty for hitting the reset button on this one. Enjoying the sun in your backyard, playing outdoor sports, riding a bike, forget all that shit, it just wouldn’t be worth it if we had these monsters patrolling the skies.

On the other hand, maybe we would have been able to tone them down and all fly these things to work.

Titanoboa, the snake that would kick King Kong’s ass

Anacondas are already extremely large, with the largest on record stretching 27 feet. However, the early sketch of the nature of this animal, named “Titanoboa cerrejonensis”, it was on a whole different level of terror. This creature, which looks like it was pulled from a direct-to-video movie from the 70s, lived about 60 million years ago. It grew to about 50 feet, weighed 2,500 pounds, and could probably crush you to death just by looking at you!

Nature didn’t give it the ability to fly, but other than that this has to be the worst creature that ever existed. In fact, she actually survived the extinction event that wiped out all the dinosaurs, probably by curling up into a ball while frolicking madly in nature itself.

Supercroc, the name says it all…

Here we have another extinct creature that seems to have stepped right out of the box of a Godzilla movie. Yes, it’s actually called Supercroc, which sounds like a name a 6-year-old would have come up with. But in all fairness, there is no other name that would do justice to the seemingly invincible monster. Supercrocs are pretty much the same armored and fearsome things we see today, but with a terrifying twist. With today’s crocodiles, you basically have a period of rapid growth, followed by a bit of growth – but this guy wasn’t slowing down at all! It just kept growing throughout its life and is believed to be the size of a bus and weigh almost 9,000 kg. In comparison, the largest saltwater crocodile on record weighed 1,200 kg and so did Mom!

Just imagine the traffic jams this beast would have caused if it were still alive today…

Amphicyonidae aka Bone-Crunching-Bear-Dog

We all know that bears are mentally scary, but because of the Care Bears and Winnie the Pooh, they just never seem so dangerous and actually kind of cute. Of course not many of us have first-hand experience of being hit by a Grizzly, otherwise the general consensus would have been completely different. However, if these Bear-Dogs were still around, then I’m sure this misunderstanding wouldn’t have existed in the first place. When any animal has “bone-crushing” in its name, you know the shit is getting serious. What we have here is basically the scariest parts of a lion, a wolf, and a bear, rolled into one big Frankensteinian typewriter of death.

It had the size and strength of a bear, the giant flesh-cutting teeth and claws of a wolf, the speed and agility of a Lion. Back then, 19 million years ago, it was the absolute apex predator after ruling the North American countryside for no less than 5 million years. Eventually nature allowed this beast to be seriously defeated, effectively distributing its killer parts over 3 of the wildest animals we see today.

Meganeura, Giant Dragonfly

When God was napping, the devil must have created this monstrosity just to prevent a single person from sleeping at night and collect the souls of children. Mageneura were dragonfly-like insects that came to the size of a fearsome eagle, making them the largest flying insects that ever existed.

The good news is that flying insects of this size will never return, as changing oxygen levels during this prehistoric time resulted in their extinction. In the current atmosphere, they would, fortunately, not be able to take in enough oxygen to support this massive size. Not much is known about these horrors, except that the fly waters would now have come with metal spikes if these things still flowed around our harbor light.

Megalodon, Great White Shark – multiplied by 10

For the record, the Megalodon is without a doubt the scariest thing to ever exist on the planet. The only reason it isn’t at the top of this list of terrifying extinct creatures is that it doesn’t have legs, which would make it easier to dodge. If I were a mermaid then it would definitely be on top – that’s for sure. Anyway, if you’ve ever seen monster movies, then I’m pretty sure this Megalodon was the star in at least one of them. In these movies you see them eating the Golden Gate Bridge, swallowing cruise ships or grabbing Jumbo Jets out of the sky (Shit you don’t, watch the video!). What’s even scarier than the acting in these movies is that all of these ridiculous scenarios would probably have been done if these giant sharks were still around today…

A complete skeleton of this monster shark has never been discovered – but what we do know is that Megalodon was about 55 to 60 feet (20 meters) long and weighed up to 100 tons, which is very close to a Blue Whale. This prehistoric shark’s teeth were more than half a foot long, and you’d have to go back 65 million years to none other than Tyrannosaurus Rex to find a creature with larger choppers. Also, the bite power of this giant is known to be the strongest of any creature that has ever lived. Scientists have calculated that it is about 18.2 tons, which is 10 times the force of a great white shark, enough to crush the skull of a prehistoric whale like an egg, or to bite the Golden Gate Bridge in two.

As you can imagine, this was the last marine predator and we still don’t know what caused its extinction. Speculation is that Megalodon may have been damaged by global cooling, or by the gradual extinction of the giant whales that made up most of its diet. There are those who believe that this mega shark still lives deep on the ocean floor, but there is no hard evidence to support this. I’m not sure if anyone who went out to test that theory ever made it back to shore, though…

Well, I hope you enjoyed it, and for the record, I was just messing with that Yo Mamma joke, so please don’t throw eggs at my window!

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