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I’m Crazy!

They say I’m crazy. I tend to disagree. They say this proves it, because there is no madman who admits that he is mad.

I don’t have a cell phone. Never has, never will. However, I have a phone at home. If you want to find me, you can call me there and if I’m not at home, leave a message. When I’m out I don’t want to be bothered. I go outside to enjoy the day, look around at the beautiful gardens and houses, watch the playful waves of the ocean caress the beach, or the birds swimming in the air, the airplanes, in other words everything that surrounds me. I also go out to run errands, and I don’t know about you, but if I’m on the phone at the time, I can’t really focus on what I need to do. If I really need to make a call while I’m out, I use pay phones. Then, there’s the time when I’m in the office, and of course I have the office phone. So you see, I don’t really need a cell. I have no idea how to text, and honestly all those “smart” phones, I don’t know how “smart” they are, but I’ve never heard one ask me “Hey buddy, how are you today? Do you want grab a coffee together?”. People call me crazy for that.

I don’t have one of those Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts. But I remember all my friends’ addresses and home phones and keep in touch with people I care about. I don’t really need all the people in the “neighborhood” to know where I was and what pictures I took. I don’t believe that if I had an account, there would be more than 15 people who would actually be interested in my photos, or I would be interested in theirs. Plus friends of friends of my friends be my friends – SORRY… It takes years to become a friend and clicking the “Accept” button on a website isn’t going to make it any faster. I value my friendships. I often see friends for coffee and chats. We go shopping. We gather at home, cook and talk while our children play around. I realized that all these activities, with the people who are close to me, take less time and give me more pleasure than keeping in touch with everyone else online. So I often say – these things on Facebook and so on. they are so crazy. What I get as an answer is – “No, you are crazy!”.

I don’t have a laptop. What I would need to be on my lap is a person I love. I don’t need a computer in my bed, not even in the coffee shop. I have a computer at home for work or occasional browsing, maps, etc. I have one in the office. I don’t think it’s a good idea to take my work computer with me over the weekend in case there’s a lot of urgent work that can’t wait. The one thing I believe cannot wait and can be lost forever is the precious time spent with family – husband, wife, children and grandchildren, no matter how annoying they may be at times. I never wanted to work harder. I would like to live longer. I don’t like putting my laptop on my feet and making a Skype call with my family who lives half an hour away. I go to see them. Hugging them for thirty minutes is better than talking for three hours. Skype is certainly great for long-distance relatives. It really helps ease the lack of their presence when I see them on camera. So, I’m not saying it’s useless, but I still don’t need to buy a laptop just for this purpose. And for that they call me crazy.

iPad, ipod, iTV, itouch, iFeel, it’s just me, me, me.. Where are the others? Nowhere around me for sure. I’m pro weStuff. Let’s go out for a movie, get a slice of pizza, go dancing or just walk around town, enjoy the sunset, maybe even the sunrise. I don’t want to spend most of my time texting, clicking, swiping and looking at a flat screen instead of being part of the real 3D world. What about those virtual games? Let’s go skiing in front of the TV. It’s a lot of fun, I bet the air is cleaner than on the mountain, plus you can ski in your underwear and of course keep the kids entertained. Or why not play tennis in the living room? I don’t need to invite friends to court, I can just play with some cartoon (then guess who Looney is). I hope my opponent will make some crazy funny joke… When I was a kid, we went outside to play together. Now the children gather inside to play with the computers. What’s next – invent a pseudo “ME” to play for us so we can do, I don’t know what, but that would be so cool… I’m telling you, the world has gone mad. “You’re crazy!”, the world snaps at me.

I don’t like skim milk. Have you ever heard of a cow that gives fat-free or low-fat milk? I do not think so. If the cow wasn’t made to give it that way, then making it lean is wrong. I will drink it the way nature made it because nature is much smarter than us. If I don’t want to be fat, I’ll just drink a cup, not a whole gallon. Same with all the gluten-free, sugar-free, cholesterol-free, brain-free products out there. I am healthy. I need wheat. I need sugar, not carcinogenic sugar substitutes. I need fat. This is what my body is made of. If it becomes too much, then it’s a problem, but I won’t deprive him of what he needs. I eat meat. No one can convince me that this is wrong or unhealthy. Humans have always been predators. Sometimes I eat for pleasure, but mostly for living. I am a city person. This is why I need someone to kill animals for my dinner. If I go back to nature, I will kill them myself. Nature made the world so cruel to survive after the death of the lower levels in the food chain. Homo sapience is at the top. So don’t blame me for just being a natural. If I have to survive on just plants and nuts, I’m going crazy! They say I should eat five servings of fruit every day (who can eat that much, by the way). Well cocoa is a fruit. So often one of my rations, and sometimes all of them, is chocolate. No one says that these fruits should not be in the form of a split banana, strawberries with ice cream, or cocoa in the form of chocolate. I just love chocolate. I can eat five bars without feeling the slightest bit nauseous. I have always said that we have food for the body and food for the soul. Both are equally important, but should not be overused. They say “drink a lot of water, it’s healthy”. I will drink as much water as I need. I believe that anything in excess is not only unnecessary, but actually harmful. Unless, of course, I intend to participate in some pissing contest and really want to impress the audience. So I tell my friends – I have no limits. I eat and drink whatever I want in regular amounts. I also move a lot. Mainly walking, swimming or running. I can go out and run in the rain, I can run in the cold, I can go and run at six in the morning to escape the heat, but there’s no way you’re going to make me run on a treadmill at a gym with bad smell. I am fit, healthy and happy. Despite this, they still call me crazy.

What happens to wisdom teeth? Everyone spits them out as soon as they come out, as if they were some radioactive or poisonous foreign sprout in the mouth. I recently had a painful cavity in my wisdom tooth. The dentist didn’t even bother to consider doing a filling. She just told me – well we’ll get it out. WHAT? I will go to a dental specialist, have a relatively healthy tooth extracted, go through the healing and pain, pay all the money no insurance wants to pay for this… I must be crazy! I just got him to do the filling and in 30 minutes I was good. I still am. The other thing that bothers me is how every child wears teething rings. Does anyone really believe they are that necessary? “This baby’s teeth are a little crooked. They might have some cavities in the tight spaces. And it’s really hard to floss between them. My advice is, instead of taking a whole hour to do filling cavities at some point in the future. IF they do show up, why not spend a few days putting in braces and have her wear them for two years, have her come in every month for adjustments, and then wear the brace for a while – oh, this is so much fun, this kid will love it! And the cost to you, if you choose the most basic braces) would not be more than 5000 USD. Totally worth it! Let’s do it this!”. My teeth are not perfect. Neither are my child’s teeth. So far we are good. I don’t need my teeth to look like a South Korean army in my mouth. I don’t need my child to have a perfect smile. He has his smile, very charming, a little “crooked teeth”. What’s next – people will get plastic surgery to fix the difference they have on the left and right side of their face? Or maybe it’s a good idea for us all to look the same and perfect. Who needs perfection? Well, I guess I may sound crazy.

I like to leave the sun in my apartment. Every morning I draw all the blinds and if the weather is good, I open the windows. I even open the doors to make it brighter. Some neighbors say I have no privacy. Well, if the architect put in windows and did it in a way that others can see into my rooms, then it shouldn’t be so wrong. I will not live like a mole in the dark or defeat the purpose of the windows by lowering the curtains all the time, just to suit others. If they are ashamed to see me, then they should not look. My house is my castle. I should feel comfortable there. Even if they call me crazy.

Often, if not all the time lately, when I look around I see so many people doing crazy things. Sometimes I tell them “You are crazy!” Of course they tend to disagree. What kind of proof that they really are.

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