3D Computer Animation – What Skills and Training You Need To Be A Great Animator

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3D Computer Animation – What Skills and Training You Need To Be A Great Animator

To understand what skills and training you need to become a 3D animator, you may first need to understand what 3D animation is. The difference between 2D and 3D animation is that 3D gives that extra dimension; it is what gives the characters their ‘reality’, their hair blowing in the wind or the ripples in the water for example. If 2D provides a two-dimensional view of an object, then 3D animation allows a view from every side. 3D animation involves digitally modeling each character and the steps taken to achieve this start with sketching, modeling, building scenes, adding texture, lighting and camera angles, all calculated and simulated with the help of precise mathematical functions .

There is a lot to be said for formal training in 3D animation. Not imperative, but very valuable. First, you must have drawing skills. 3D animators spend their lives sketching; therefore drawing and artistic skills are essential and will improve and improve with the help of training. You need to have more than just a working knowledge of computers. 3D animators cannot do their work without the help of computers, and because the packages used are often advanced, computer skills are also a must. Of course, once again, formal training will help, but without skill, you may find this side of training difficult.

Studying 3D animation usually takes 2-3 years for a degree or diploma. Certifications can reduce your training, but if you want to get the best training you can get, it is advisable to go remote. The 3D animation training will also include 2D training as well as lots of drawing, but will also cover commercial applications of 3D animation. Animation practices are also taught along with techniques, 3D programming, 3D graphics, video and effects. These are considered basic training – and you should master them.

Classes will also likely include things like design principle, art history, lighting and sound effects, image generation and compositing, game design, mastering desktop applications like PhotoShop, video effects, and maybe even cinematics. . The more you know about the different specializations, the better you will be able to choose the path you want to take in your career.

So in addition to having and understanding the basics of art and being able to draw, 3D animators need to learn how to run the software and instruct it to do the work for them – all a computer can do is express and show your ideas, artistic skills. and creativity. However, remember that your skills don’t end with your computer. You will also need people skills. You need to not only keep up with teams of people, but also be able to contribute to the team with suggestions and ideas.

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