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Screenshots Vista Windows


In addition, Vista will include many other new features.


Vista will include a completely redesigned user interface, codenamed Aero. The new interface is intended to be cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than previous Windows interfaces. The most noticeable addition to the interface is the sidebar (however this feature has been removed in the latest alpha release), an area on the side of the screen consisting of tiles that display dynamic information about whatever window is currently in the foreground, which it’s basically an extension of the “system tray” on the Windows taskbar.


Vista will feature a new search engine that will allow instant results for a given search. This is in contrast to the Windows XP search engine, which can take several minutes to display results. Vista Search will allow you to add multiple filters to continually refine your search (such as “File contains the word ‘example'”). Searches will also be saved that will act as Virtual Folders, where opening a folder will automatically run a specific search and display the results like a normal folder. Search will also feature other usability improvements. Vista Search is actually built on top of an enhanced and improved version of the Windows XP search indexing service. This feature is similar to Apple Spotlight.


Metro is the code name for Microsoft’s next-generation document format, which is based on XML. It is similar in many ways to Adobe Systems PDF. Metro aims to allow users to view, print and archive files without the original program that created it. The name Metro also refers to the printing path in Vista. With Metro, documents can remain in the same format from the moment of creation to the moment of printing. Microsoft states that Metro will provide better fidelity to the original document by using a consistent format for both screen output and print.

While many analysts suspect that Metro is intended to be a “PDF killer,” Microsoft insists that they are not trying to copy all of PDF’s functionality. For example, at the time of this writing, Metro is not planned to have dynamic document capabilities.


The new shell is a significant change from previous versions of Windows. Combined with the new desktop search feature, the shell gives users the ability to find and organize their files in new ways. In addition to the typical file organization practice of using folders to contain files, a new collection known as Lists allows you to organize files from multiple locations into a single location.

A new type of folder known as a Shadow Folder enables the ability to restore its entire contents to any arbitrary point in the past.

In addition, the shell contains significant advances in the visualization of files on a computer. Previous versions of Windows Shell would display thumbnails to represent different files on your computer. In Windows Vista, the thumbnail concept is taken further by overlaying different images to communicate more information about the particular file, such as a picture frame around the thumbnail of an image file, or a film strip in a video file. Windows Vista helps the user identify the file easily by generating thumbnails more intelligently. Using algorithmic analysis, images are cropped around their potential subject and interesting key frames are automatically selected from a video file. Also, the ability to zoom in on thumbnails in the shell greatly increases their usefulness.


Windows Vista is expected to have a new set of networks. A significant change is a more complete implementation of IPv6 which is now supported by all network components, services and user interface. Vista also takes advantage of P2P technology to provide a new type of domain-like network configuration known as a Fortress. Castles make it possible for user credentials to be spread across computers on the network without a centralized server, making them more suitable for a home network.

The ability to help the user diagnose a network problem is expected to be a major new network feature. By using technologies such as UPnP, Windows Vista has a greater awareness of the network topology where the host computer is located. With this new network awareness technology, it can provide assistance to the user in fixing network problems or simply provide a graphical view of the perceived network configuration.

Other features

Full support for the “NX” (No-Execute) feature of processors. This feature, present in AMD’s AMD64 architecture as well as Intel’s EM64T architecture, can mark certain parts of memory as containing data instead of executable code, which prevents overflow errors resulting in arbitrary execution of the code. This should not be confused with the trusted computing devices provided by a so-called Fritz-chip.

Built-in DVD recording capabilities, including support for Mt. Rainier.

A new installer that will install Vista in about 15 minutes (which is present in alpha build 4074 of Windows Vista).

Native Raw Image support (a format used by most professional digital cameras).

Native, built-in RSS support, with developer API.

A new level of file encryption support from that available in Windows XP, which will make it easier and more automatic to prevent unauthorized viewing of files on stolen laptops/hard drives.

Monad. A new command-line interface called MSH and codenamed Monad will not be fully implemented in Vista, but will exist in it to some extent. It plans to combine the philosophy of Unix pipes and filters with that of object-oriented programming.

The “My” prefixes will be removed, so “My Documents” will just be “Documents”, “My Computer” will just be “Computer”, and so on.

Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSat), a built-in standard tool that analyzes the various subsystems (graphics, memory, etc.) and uses the results to allow comparison with other Vista systems and for software optimizations. Optimizations can be done both by Windows and by third-party software. Tom’s hardware overview

File virtualization, when an individual program’s permissions are restricted, allows that program to use its own ‘fake’ set of certain files, so that modifications to those files by said program do not change the original files.

File transactions prevent creating a half-updated set of files during updates, for example, which can cause stability issues.

InfoCard, a user interface for the Identity Metasystem.

Features and technologies delayed until future releases

WinFS (short for Windows Future Storage or Windows File System): a relational database and combined file system, based on the next version of SQL Server (codenamed Yukon). Working on top of NTFS, it will provide the ability to represent objects and their relationships, rather than just a hierarchy of files and folders. The removal of WinFS from Windows Vista was announced in August 2004 and is expected to be released as a Vista update, entering the beta stages around the same time Vista is released. Microsoft’s promotion of this technology has fueled the recent trend toward desktop search tools.

Complete implementation of Monad.

Graphics hardware requirements

Vista’s graphics requirements are determined in relation to different desktop experiences.

Aero Glass

This graphics mode adds support for 3D graphics, animation, and special visual effects in addition to the features provided by Aero Express.

Intended for mainstream and high-end graphics cards.

At least 64 MB of graphics memory, 128 MB recommended or 256 MB for 1600×1200+.

At least 32 bits per pixel.

3D hardware acceleration with capabilities equal to DirectX 9.

A memory bandwidth of 2 GB / second.

It can draw ~ 1.5 million triangles / second, one window is ~ 150 triangles.

A graphics card that uses an 8-lane AGP 4X or PCI Express bus.

It is likely that such a configuration will be entry-level or lower since the release of Vista in 2006.

Aero Diamond

A custom graphics mode for the Vista Media Center version and will not be available in other editions. Not much information is currently available, but it looks like it will be the most advanced level of graphics in Vista, requiring hardware on par with or greater than the Aero Glass visual style.

Aero Express

The smaller Aero visual experience offers only the basic visual enhancements introduced by Vista, such as composition-based DPI scaling.

Intended for mainstream or low-end graphics cards.

Use the Avalon Desktop Composition window manager.

A Vista Driver Display Model (LDDM) driver is a requirement.

Some graphics cards already support LDDM. In some Vista builds (4074, 5048), LDDM is already supported to run Aero Glass.

To go

Vista’s new look and feel has no special visual effects, similar to Windows XP’s Luna visual style in that it just looks like an app skin. As with Luna, there are no additional hardware requirements compared to the classic Windows interface.

A simple option for consumer upgrades and mobile / low-cost devices.

There are no additional requirements compared to the smaller classic mode.

Fallback mode in case the hardware requirements for Aero are not met.


The most basic user interface provided by Vista, which is also seen in Windows 2000, or Windows XP with its Luna visual style disabled.

An option for corporate deployments and upgrades.

Requires Windows XP Display Driver Model (XPDM) or LDDM driver.

There are no graphics card hardware requirements beyond those of Windows XP.

Naming considerations

Vista means “visual perception of a region”, with these synonyms: aspect, panorama, perspective, scene and view. Translated from Spanish and Italian, vista means: sight, sight, ability to see; look, look; spectacle; viewer; range of view; point of view.

However, in Latvian, vista means ‘hen’ (adult female of a bird, [2]) and ‘chicken’ (as in food), and can also mean something or someone not particularly clever or clever.

Windows Vista is unofficially shortened to Windows VI, sticking with the traditional 2-character motif, as in 95, 98, Me, NT, XP. VI is also the number 6 in Roman numerals, and Windows Vista will have the version number 6.0 (Windows 2000 and Windows XP are Windows NT versions 5.0 and 5.1, respectively).

Windows Vista sounds like “bosta” in Argentine culture.

In JRR Tolkien’s fiction, Vista is part of the atmosphere surrounding the world of Arda before the cataclysm at the end of the Second Age. Vista forms the inner layer of normal air: above it is Ilmen, and above it Vaiya.

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