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Religion – A Small Scale Industry

Religion is nothing but different aspects of the relationship between man and God. But one thing is clear: in this relationship, God is always the initiator. God is the creator of man, with whom alone he enters into a special conscious relationship called religion. It is God who calls man into this kind of relationship. It is the dynamic of God’s call and man’s response that establishes religion. It is not man who seeks God, or initiates the search for God. This means that God is the founder of religion. This article examines the veracity of many people’s claims in religious matters today and proves the fact that zeal for true religion has been lost.

It is very easy today and also dangerous for the common and mortal man to start religion, and it is contradictory to think of religion as starting from human nature and tending towards God. Such a religion cannot overcome the human limitations of mortality and blasphemy (John 3:6). It remains fundamentally inadequate and depressing because man cannot save himself. In His divine wisdom, God saw it necessary for His Son, who is God, to come and wash away man’s sins with His blood when man was powerless. A religion that originates from man – that is a relationship of man with God – cannot change man or save him. If man had known what would be done to save himself, he should not have cried out to God. Such a relationship between man and God is like one of those human inventions that, like all human kingdoms and powers, are doomed to fail in time.

Religion is an area that God has kept for Himself. Let us consider the relationship between God and the Israelites; the Jewish religion which was a preparation for the Christian religion. Contrary to the worship of the many gods of the time, God intervened with Abram’s call (Gen. 12:1-3).

Before creation, biblical literature indicated that the earth was a “formless void” (Gen. 1:2). It is true that God gave the earth a form in creation, yet we can rightly say that with the beginnings of religion, that is, with the call of Abraham, all nations will be called into a relationship with the God whom the earth knew. his vision and direction. From then on, through Abraham to Isaac, to Jacob to Moses and the Israelites, God dictated the details of this new relationship. God initiated and described the order and details of this relationship with the people of the Old Testament. In the fullness of time, God sent His Son to establish the new covenant, to which the old covenant simply looked.

In various ways, Christ also continued this old relationship, but in a new way. He summarized the ten old laws into one – that of Love. He explained the details of this New Law in scriptures (Mt. 5:3-11), lived it through His suffering and death on the cross, and justified His claims by His resurrection. You still see God as the originator and regulator of religion. Therefore in matters of religion, ie. relationship between God and man, anarchy has no place. But what do we see today? There are as many founders of religious groups and ‘churches’ as there are diversifications of human interests. There is neither rule nor system. Each person is his own religious entity, with his own way of worship, theology and doctrine.

Religion, used as God intended, is the best thing that has happened to the world and the best gift that God has given to man. This is because religion itself is life: the life of God in man. Think about the social, spiritual, and psychological effects of religion. Without religion, man would be a wolf to man. The world is a battlefield for the survival of the fittest, an arena for mutual clashes even with all the obstacles and calls for peace from religion. How would it have been without him; therefore some thinkers said that even if there was no God, it is necessary to invent His idea. In moments of depression and hopelessness, it is only one’s religious beliefs that can help make life worthwhile. It is only religion that explains why many people have not committed suicide when life tastes sour. The apparent importance of religion is truly incalculable.

However, religion is one of the best things that happened to the human race, but when misused, it can be the best tool for many negative achievements, especially that of exploitation. Of the various senses in which exploitation can be used, the meaning adopted here is the act of using another person to achieve one’s own selfish needs without regard to the effect on others. There are different forms of exploitation – economic, political, etc. There is also religious exploitation. This may sound surprising, even contradictory. But it’s still true. Religious exploitation is coming under the banner of religion and/or making money from people’s religious background or sentiments and making people mere tools for selfish hidden ends. Religious exploitation is subtle and more dangerous because it operates under the guise of the sacred.

The exploiter is as dangerous as the “angel you don’t know”. Cloaked under religious innocence, the exploiter destroys the exploited or victim, who remains ignorant and irresistible even when there are clear indications of exploitation. The power of religious exploitation can be better understood when one considers the many religious crusades, campaigns, and even wars in history.

Religion deals with the soul which is the seat of belief. Ideas rule the world, and they also rule people. Religious feelings are stronger than philosophical or ideological beliefs. The first, always appealing to the invisible, the fundamental depth of the human person and the purpose of the human person, carries with it a wild and impenetrable rock of conviction that can withstand all efforts to subdue it. Also, always going under a divine banner, mandate and mission, it can perfectly cover everything else it carries as an interest.

Religion goes with experience that is deeply rooted and not just physical. Thus, one can understand the willingness of the early Christians and the apostles to die rather than disobey God. The strength and conviction of martyrs is traced to religious sentiments, and so can the strength of Jihad.

Considering the many shades of exploitation covered under religion, I want to say here first that inhumanity to man can be found everywhere and can also be practiced everywhere. There are a thousand and one ways people have been exploited and are being exploited today in the name of religion. We are aware of the subtle and intricate machinations that an ancient traditional pagan society used to settle disputes in the name of consulting an oracle. The oracle, believed to be the highest court of appeal, also believed to be impartial, fair and just, has nevertheless been used by the powers that be to impose guilt and punishment as the exception to those with whom they plan to are taken Thus, the oracle became a principle/symbol of oppression while maintaining its image as the voice of God.

In another way, brainwashing and hypnotism play a strong role in religious exploitation. It was Karl Marx who looked at religion and wrongly concluded that it is the “opium of the masses”; a device or dose given to the hopeless and helpless, promising them a bright future and thereby making them submit to the suffering and pain of today. Religion, in Marx’s sense, promises people a “mountain of sugar” to use George O’well’s phrase in his classic satirical novel Animal Farm. Karl Marx was wrong to underestimate the whole edifice of religion; and even criticizing the hope that religion offers in this world that is a valley of tears. But today, various religious bodies are making Marx look credible; offering religion as opium in the sense that Marx used it. What is the effect when people are brainwashed with socially counterproductive doctrines and teachings forced upon followers?

In many cases, for example, people are taught to ignore medicine entirely and only to have ‘faith’ in God; detachment from any organization and social grouping, even work. People have been taught that it is not important to engage in serious academic pursuits or the tedious learning of a trade, because this will not lead one to salvation. Some have been brainwashed to see their religious leader/minister as superhuman. Hypnosis is used incessantly, directly or indirectly, and people are now manipulated like machines by remote control.

People are also exploited religiously when religion, instead of being a source of comfort and relief, is used to promote fear, insecurity and alienation. Today the gospel of damnation and satan is trying to overshadow the gospel of love, mercy and salvation, as visions and prophecies that instill fear and submission in people are constantly being hammered. These doctrinal systems are forms of religious exploitation when considering their natural and social implications, especially to people already tormented by many problems ranging from political instability, tribal and ethnic conflicts and civil wars, growing economic insecurity, unemployment, poverty, lack of company. amenities, etc. From the bottom to the horizon, as they must believe, these already oppressed people fold their hands in fatal resignation and look forward to the day of salvation, in most cases, risking their lives in the name of fighting for the gods. Since for them, God assigns these disasters inevitably, it brings in them passivity and abandonment.

God is not the author of confusion. We must do our best to always follow the truth and do what is right. Let us be quick to recognize when we are being exploited in the name of religion. It will save us a lot of pain!

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