22-Animals-That-Are-So-Adorable-They-Will-Make-You-Mad Safari Party Games To Get You In The "Swing" Of Things – It’s A Jungle Out There

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Safari Party Games To Get You In The "Swing" Of Things – It’s A Jungle Out There

Enjoy a Safari themed party with fun games. Become a wild animal. Try these free games to have a good time.

Kids and adults alike love playing this classic Charades game with a safari party game twist! If you have little ones, prepare for this game ahead of time by making a list of safari animals. Cut the list into strips of paper, fold them and place them in a bowl. Let the “actor” come to choose an animal that can be seen on a safari. You can also have them create their own animal, but be prepared to be flexible with the “safari” animals, as any animal the child thinks should be accepted depending on their age. The actor will then be allowed to move and make sounds as if it were the animal. No other words, encouragement, etc. allowed!

Another favorite safari party game is “Where’s My Baby Animal?” In this game, half of the players are given the name of a safari animal. Each of the other players is dealt a card with the name of a baby animal of the same type on it. (Ex. elephant; elephant calf) Players are given one minute to find their match. If they are not paired at the end of one minute, they must sit until the next round. The game continues with the number of players and the amount of time decreasing for each round. The two winners are the first to pair when there are only two pairs left.

Keep the party theme Safari throughout the party with decorations, favors and animal music.

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