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How to Clean-up Your Allergies with 2 Easy Home Tips

It’s that time of year again when people with allergies complain of nasal congestion, coughing and wheezing, itching, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, hives and other skin rashes. Many people experience allergies due to outdoor pollens combined with foods and stagnant indoor air that carries dust, mold and other air pollutants.

So how can you stop this annual cycle? What you can do at home to end this increased intrusion of allergy problems. Where to go for relief if your allergies are out of control.

Would you like to:

o Enjoy parks and other public outdoor areas

o Have pets you can live with

o Eat foods you have been avoiding

o Feel good without fatigue

o Sleep better than ever

o Relieve stress – allergies often increase stress in your system.

Keeping your body detoxing (self-cleansing) is one of two important steps you can take at home. A simple Yoga pose done correctly can keep your personal cleaning team (your immune system) in tune.

Sit on the floor as pictured on your heels with your feet 2 inches apart. Exhale as you slowly bend forward toward the floor with your upper body. Try to make your forehead touch the floor in front of you. Place your arms on the floor with your hands under your feet and your index finger in the trough or web between your thumb and second toe. Take a deep breath. Breathe slowly for 1 minute. Your goal is to work up to 2 minutes. After each time rest on your back and let your muscles rest for a few minutes. This pose stimulates the body’s ability to cleanse itself. It helps detoxify the liver, lungs, stomach, spleen and bladder.

Second, how clean is your environment? Clients often come to me to treat their allergies, however, if your home and office need a good seasonal cleaning, allergy treatments will only work for a short time – even if your problem is centered around food .

Many foods contain natural mold, for example bananas, grapes and most other fruits. Or powder them like anything that can be made into ‘flour’ like wheat, corn, potatoes and more. So keep your home and office as clean as possible. The accumulation of dust and mold in your office or home and in foods can “create” allergy intolerance. Here are some tips:

Detox your home and office. Use organic produce found at your local health food market.

Dust using a damp cloth. Safe organic dust products keep your environment free of toxins

Use machine washable curtains and clean them regularly. Natural laundry soap is best

Do not store things under the bed. Dust or vacuum under beds weekly.

Do not allow stuffed animals in the bedroom – interior materials often contain sawdust.

Remove dust collectors such as flags, photographs, trophies, books, patterns and dried flowers or silk from the bedroom

Use an air filter and clean the filters regularly

I clean the furniture and the carpet regularly. Use a newer vacuum cleaner that doesn’t use bags and is equipped with a self-cleaning air filter system to keep dust out of the air.

Confine birds, animals or reptiles in the home.

Bathe your pets often. This means every 7 to 14 days.

If you have a pet allergy, do not sleep with your pet. Give them their bed outside the bedroom door for your convenience.

Do not care for animals at home.

For more information on allergies and treatments, please read the full article: How to Stop Your Allergies in 7 Easy Steps in our website archives.

Wealth Link – 2 Steps to Brighten Your Golden Years

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Imagine your life 10 or even 20 years from now. Where do you plan to be? What are you doing and with whom?

Most of us between the ages of 35 and 50 hope to retire to some extent in 15 to 20 years or less. We see ourselves living off our retirement funds enjoying life and family. I have never had a client tell me they find themselves broke or sick. However, these same customers fail to have a complete plan.

They may have a pension fund at work and other investments, but how are these performing? Have you planned a financial foundation? What does your Wellness Investment program look like?

Many people tell me they don’t have a financial foundation program or Wellness Investment program. Regardless of age and health, it’s never too late to start planning. It’s better than no plan. In this article I will give you 2 of the 21 most important Steps to Linking Wealth that I offer in my online course.

Ask yourself, how does wealth relate to your health? Do you do it at all? Most people today would agree that finances play a role in how we feel. Lack of funds can add stress to one’s life and play a big role in your health. Illness can eat up savings quickly if you don’t have a wellness plan other than health insurance.

In fact, I advise you to rethink health insurance. What I mean by that is that it is what it says it is. Health insurance is for health problems. Only some “health insurance” programs are welfare insurance.

Health insurance also dictates the type of care you can receive. Wellness insurance on the other hand is still a developing system. Some companies offer these types of plans and we do not endorse any insurance company as my job is to educate you a bit and you need to see what is right for your specific needs.

The welfare insurance programs I’ve seen work like this. The self-employed or business can purchase these programs. They have great medical benefits for hospitals and sometimes prescription drugs. They also have a “fund” where a portion of your premium goes that earns interest. This is proper interest. You can use this money for any type of care you want, including alternative medicine of your choice. Any funds you don’t use in a given year stay in your personal account earning interest year after year. At a certain age you can withdraw this money and use it. I have seen accounts that reach 30k and more. Why buy health insurance you don’t use?

The first step

Check out the Wellness Insurance programs. Only buy from a reputable insurance company. One whose name you have heard in the past that also offers regular policies. It’s a buyer’s market, so do your research.

The second step

How much do you personally put into your savings account each week? Most people say I took it out of my paycheck. That’s not what I mean. Think about how much you spend each day on simple things like coffee or food. Can you save $5.00 a week? I’ve only met one person who said they couldn’t even save that much. Six months later, this person who didn’t become a client called me and said they had done it and it really worked. Here’s the short and sweet plan – I go into more detail in my online program. Contact my office for more details on how to get a free 7-part e-course.

Every week whether you have your salary direct deposited or not; withdraw as much as you can from your account and put it into a savings plan at an investment firm like Charles Schwab. Use the ones you want and make sure they have an automatic withdrawal program and that the funds go into a savings program.

Every quarter double the amount you are placing. If you realize that you are not really missing this money from your daily life; double that every month. Don’t be surprised if you start looking forward to saving and adding more to what you “put away” each week.

After this account is equal to 6 months of income, we transfer this money to another type of account, I move on to the next steps of establishing the online program. But we continue to put funds into savings.

What happens is that we basically have a 6 to 9 month savings account that earns a little better than a bank savings account. The next level is a certain type of money market with the same amount of funds earning a slightly higher interest rate, and so on through the Own Our Wealth program.

In fact, MSN Today recently offered a look at the habit of millionaires. Simple basic planning won hands down.

Bonus tip

Invest in your well-being. See an alternative practitioner such as an NCCAOM licensed acupuncturist. This ensures that you are seeing someone who has completed an accredited program at an Oriental Medical College. Many acupuncturists are licensed through physician or chiropractic programs. These programs lack training and the number of hours to meet. Make sure your practitioner is an active member of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Even if you love your doctor, choose an NCCAOM acupuncturist for the job—after all, would you take your child to a gynecologist just because they’re having a baby?

Or if you own a Porsche, you’ll take it to a Honda dealership just because you also own a Honda. No, we take our loved ones and possessions to the experts. Do the same with your health.

Why do I suggest an acupuncturist? They are trained in wellness and health care. Practitioners of Oriental Medicine know how to work with all kinds of ailments and keep you well. Plan ahead even if you feel well, get an evaluation now, and follow a wellness program so you can continue to feel well into your golden years.

A wellness program may simply mean seeing your acupuncturist and massage therapist once a month. Add the dollars you save by not getting sick.

Invest these savings in your financial foundation.

If you have health problems, think about how you will be 10 years from now if you continue to ignore and minimize your health, using drugs or having surgeries without exploring other options. Acupuncture is virtually painless and provides greater relaxation than massage.

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