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Sexless Solitude And Other Poems



It’s still connected but I don’t understand it

or I don’t want to understand because

I am very with me and I worry

for her dying libido and mine

own sex narrowed between salsa cooling

Bihu fever, Vishu rituals

ringing emptiness day and night tremble

youth wrapped in age for the single game

in the flame with the fork he carves the image of heaven

to defy the jealous God undo

the sins of the races that flow in my blood:

I love Him through the bodies He created

but they do not understand redemption

in the flooding and parting of the sea

they do not enjoy the flame of henna

in her palms nor let the lily bloom

in valleys they use cracks and rocks

to tarnish beauty and ignite voices

don’t judge me if I’m not white

water still flows in my river


Barbed wire fence

My window opens

in the back of a garage

where the guards make water

sometimes they show their dick

to the maid in my kitchen:

they don’t care about any

how can i complain

if boys and girls make love

in the bush between

children’s park and

my yard? They are distant

by a barbed wire fence



It goes badly

electric circuit

in brain cells

in my drugged sleep

I express expression

oblivious to


I can’t help my senses



Desire to sweat

absorb new sketches

with the pen of the mind

on the pillow

image by image

the night passes

not knowing

what a cloudy sun

rose from the sea


Not related to trees

he doesn’t know his family

stay away, questions

the ancestors do not change

weather mood:

the sheet reads his name


He is surprised to see

so much corruption

in the system

of world peace:

his envious colleagues

of his foreign trip

with the UN

and profits

in dollars, they go up so fast

in career and

they have the best

life and style

while I worry about

freedom in the Congo

untamed people

safe posture


The day is shorter

the longest night

and yet without sleep

suffer the darkness

in the air in bed

I hear screaming

or the whisper of

concerns without wings

no high poetry

but nightmares by cutting

the sun and the sky

that could never be


Stinky waking hours

turn into solid abuses

in the abyss of the head

after midnight drug addict

the holes of the mind are torn

the veils I have never worn

they are naturally worried:

sleepless to find out

stupid sophistry

of a poet-professor

unable to correct

its internal balances

and yet posing a stronger punch

academia that cares

one tuppence per native

undoing geniuses

imported girlfriends who

dovetail media to flourish


Again and again

I find myself in bed

my sacred space

but it cannot rest

meditate or dream

now they fail to have

what I’ve always had

her bare society

with goosebumps

clouded by passion

I can’t celebrate Yoni

deep in silence

renewed released returning

no finale

again and again


Human Rights Activists

discuss eradication

of manual cleaning

and construction of

wet baths in villages

in the conference room

complain of weak rash


and censorship routinely

new staff

before you ask for provisions

for rehabilitation

released cleaners


I can’t understand

the sky or their mystical emotions

sheltered in consciousness

the complications of time

or sources of plastic mist

through mythical depths

the wings of my thought

are too short to rise to the height of God

or the blue depths of peace

I stand on the edge

of earth physics

waiting on the edge

with shaded lines

and turns in the image march of br>

Jagannath without eyes

if no one sees it

the collapse of the procession

and the dark area

don’t blame the poets:

there are many gaps

and gloom to ignore


Every death has a transition

to surprise the dead

awareness matters

inconsolably the cow’s tail

in the middle of the river

heaven, far, far away


Tall houses appear

to grow like trees from the maple

slowly rising up

people become small

with cars, water birds and beasts

in the flame of summer

anxious nervously

see the moving mass of clouds

from the window

eternal models

the wonder of nature on the edge

an orange belt

thousands of lights

twinkle in color like stars–

seat belt fastened


I want the best of life for you

but you understand too much

what I can’t do

you have to be patient and do

what can you…

I cannot create the fruits

I can create space

for you to stay, but I can’t

become the legs

you have to run the race

in yourself and be

what you dream

March flush

and the whiteness of the moon

join in you

you have worlds to conquer

and miles to go, my love

you have to raise the goose

and have gold every day


Tracking corridors

in my mind about the seeds

of misplaced dreams now returned

nightmares that drugs can’t control

there is no value in mock meditation

Yoga or Psychic of the Gods

mumbo-jumbo to save

the beasts inside fed for years

now I’m afraid of every move

a suicide bid but dying

it is more difficult when

even the dead are restless


I only read my prayers

it cannot be news for tomorrow

nor can images signify

channel surfing with coffee

at the end of the day he cannot reflect

something positive to take

self-justifying pride

age or the hours just drag on

the existence of animals

result worse than animals with

smallness of the waist and worries

forgotten as breaking news

media without vision

praise the shackles of

darkness bluff God and people

yet they kindle the minds with trembling


How to weigh the breath

soul flame or grace

The body hides:

I can’t turn it inside out

nor do I know the weight of life when it is lifeless

between earth and sky

it disappears one with

calm elements

there is no way to recognize the thread

or its binding mechanism

provides life now or

beyond that if I can’t feel

color weight

in the leaves on the tree maybe

shrinking in on itself


Walking down a long corridor

a ray of light calls out

from a distant window

in front of a figure

gently beckons me to move

further along the pass

a large oak door appears

carved into the stone on the wall

by the strange looking door

symbols from unknown alphabets

I try to push the golden latch

in the glove, but no

open a golden key

in the hand it shines brightly

in the dark I go out

the window opens from the inside

in the sea a large yacht

slowly moving towards

a residence occupied by kings

of rare wealth and power:

I am promised a new sun


Living among the sick

and sick what else

I will keep except

the germs and allergens they carry

me spinning

from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM

maybe from day one

I have never slept well and now

I want to sleep without pills

drinking or sex

thoughtless without prayer in peace


It snows all around

for the last seven days

no supplies no planes

all white track

survive in their small shop

for the winter in a fiber shed

bored drink more often

and wait for the next newsletter


Three times a day on foot

in the kitchen sink she

washes the dishes

to save tears and memories

of broken desires that smell

from the pillow over the crack

linoleum in small hole


Feel confident with the shades

live flickering images

channels sell deceptively:

remote control in hand

change the tunes for the songs my mother

they hum and choreograph

with girls and boys playing sex

sans taste in cheeky cover


With the prayer cocktail

the existence of living animals

and boast, is that all?

in the same bladder

illusion mushrooms grow

toadstools of the cursed tract



no sense of direction

no control over

destiny or destination

I can’t be proud of the vibrations

or flashes in their faces

they come and go on the train

with the same indifference

the shadows of distant houses

the hills and trees continue to pass


Where do I find my vacation?

at the gates of Sheol?

in dust? or in the light

of living? standing still

among the infidels?

to break ties and throw away

their cords that divide the faith

with flattering language

turn a well into the sea

or preach hypocrisy

unaffected by fire or air:

O Lord, save me from sin

calling them sinners

and bless the soul in

time and I who feel

your healing touch in thoughts

and endure without regret

the burdens of the world

loss of love, or even hope

to live like a lotus leaf


I wish to clear the cobwebs of legends

that cover the vision, moralize the future

with dubious glory they urge us back:

the echoes of the dead ring out; no use

setting the alarm to turn off 2010

the seconds of life are hidden in empty slogans

periodic exhumation is a travesty

of the obsolescence of the ever cloudy sun

India Gate or Delhi Circus

suffer midnight lust with rites of passage

like the conclusion of a tragic poem


I do not seek the stone bowl

Buddha used when he was here:

she dwells in the rays of the moon

I can see him smiling

with chest carved by the wind

alone without sex

her light is priceless

but gifted to enlighten

silver linings


It’s just the color they replace

not content and make distance

with chilling slogans they conquer the waves

that catches the tears before the dreams revolt

what is the use of lamenting the sinking of the ship in the void

or the bravery of moral waste

or the frail cloth of day in a dead world:

it is not good as a gauze for the sick

or the shroud for the dead: their flags deceive all

in the name of independence

they mock millions with noise without substance

while funeral dreams haunt my sleep

I hang nobody’s picture in my room

but watch their shadows masturbate

in damp corners or lure the poppies into the light

the thieves and the righteous

29. THE PORTRAITS WE LOOK FOR are afraid to see

Culture is not repression

but sublimation through expression

why are they police?

art for lesbians


naked sex or blasphemy?

vandalism policy

the tradition of drowning

it aggravates the lower instincts

they know their metaphors

challenge the divine who creates?

destroys the soul, the vision?

the future is not their strong wind

but the honesty of artists to intercept

in possible hell and

come back with portraits we fear to see


I don’t know what psalms to sing

or which church to go to feel

flame inside for a while

sit or lie still with

faith meets worry

drinking breath by breath

I don’t know God

or goddess or mantra

to sing when you are afraid

my being and it makes me suffer

the plains of nightmares

paralyzing spirit to live

and with the promised fulfillment

I see no savior coming

to save me when I’m down

I seek freedom from myself:

my trials are mine alone

in the valley of oneself

I must learn to clear the clouds

climbing up or down

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