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Nuclear Fusion Reactor and Platonic Solids

The main idea for a nuclear fusion reactor is a resonance of laser beams and several streams of other elementary particles with the nucleus of a hydrogen atom. The resonance ratio can be common, golden or harmonic – 1/2, 2/3, 3/5, etc or 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29 and so on. Harmonics are ratios of distant Fibonacci numbers. The harmonic number is the number of steps between the Fibonacci numbers that it compares. Each harmonic is the sum of the previous two.

The reactor structure must be created from Platonic Solids. A cube is its base. A dodecahedron and an icosahedron must be described around it, and an octahedron and tetrahedron must be fitted inside. The faces of the polyhedrons must be used for a circular electric current with a magnetic vector perpendicular to the center. To compress the plasma to the maximum phase from all directions equally. Roofs – for lasers and emitters. A cube is earth, particles, a square is fire, light. An octahedron is dual to a cube, a tetrahedron is dual to itself.

A torr reactor is also possible, but it must have a 12-phase (or 12xn) cycle like the zodiac or some other polygon like the decagon as the basis for its pacing. Because without a cycle rate, the plasma is unstable. He escapes every magnetic trap. Energy does not like form because it is formless by nature and forms are its opposite. Plasma or fire is an element of freedom and creativity. It will only work when it wants to. Like Sagittarius, a fire zodiac sign. The best way to control plasma is to let it fly away freely. Along a laser beam. In a spaceship or an airplane.

Six laser beams, symmetrical around a central empty channel, act as a pump. They can push any particle or elemental matter. For example, nuclear fuel for a small but effective reactor of uranium or plutonium, compressing it to the temperature necessary to ignite a chain reaction. The construction of the reactor should be the same as for fusion – Platonic Solids.

The laser pump can also be used in an annihilating photon engine. For transporting anti-matter at the focus of a paraboloid, which reflects parallel rays of light. Antimatter can be produced in a reverse process by intersecting powerful laser beams with a catalyst substance in a magnetic trap of the Platonic Solids. It can then be collected in it and stored for future use in space. Away from the usual energy sources. Such an accumulator is much more effective than any other. And it will open to the photon ships all the planets of our system with their rich natural resources for economic use. Leading humanity from an isolated planet into the nearest space and preparing the next stage of technological evolution – the invention of astral starships. Jumping directly to other stars through multidimensional space.

This teleportation phenomenon requires a very high level of energy in a very small space. Because energy is the source of matter, its condensation, and can turn substance from the physical state to ethereal and astral light. Which is a multidimensional simplex, projected onto the electromagnetic wave tetrahedron. Its vertices are photons that move away from each other at equal speeds when it grows as it should according to the theory of relativity. The cube is physical space. The dodecahedron is closest to the realm of all real physical fields and is condensed energy turned into substance in the creation of the universe. Quarks are triangular faces of polyhedrons. Ordinary particles are projections of multidimensional divine light into our three-dimensional human physical world.

The discovery of teleportation needs a carbon fusion reaction like in stars in the second stage of their development. Such a fusion reactor needs the annihilation of antimatter in a focus of a stationary ellipsoidal reactor. The other focus is the concentration of light energy, reflected from its inner surface and ignition of fusion. Quarks as primary particles are close to the primary level of subtle energy and can be affected by a subtle energy generator during the teleportation jump. The formation of a five-dimensional astral channel, which finally opens the space for the necessary distant connection of the three-dimensional spaces of different stars. Through Simplex light as a photon beam or a quark stream, which in the astral is the same.

The best shape of a spaceship is also driven by a Platonic Solid. It is a double quadrilateral, two quadrilaterals with a common face. Transformed for better reorganization in the atmosphere. The fist was pulled forward, the second was reduced. The bottom can function as a wing, although the wings are also added. The rigidity of the triangles and quadrilaterals make this structure stable and safe. It can also be used for airplanes or high-speed automobiles. As well as speedboats. Or for a universal vehicle, combining all these into one. An orbiting space station will be rigid and safe if it is made like an icosahedron, because of the triangles on its faces. It is also close to the sphere and can hold any spherical surface. Hemi-icosahedron – a roof. A dodecahedron can serve as a structure of a cross-country vehicle wheel. With wide contact surface and flexible ribs. The tetrahedron can be used in architecture to support ordinary cubic structures from the inside to make them more rigid and tall.

The Platonic solids were used by God to create the universe, galaxies and stars. They constitute the very foundation of space. The compact packing of the spheres is an icosahedron (1+12=13) and its second layer is a dodecahedron (1+20=21). These are the Fibonacci numbers, the 7th and 8th, their ratio is a golden ratio 13/21 or 12/20=3/5. They describe plasma in a reactor, or a star, or an atomic explosion. The center is the Sun, fire or condensed plasma itself, the 7th is Saturn, compression, condensation and reactor structure or form, earth, the 8th is Uranus, decentralization, explosion, explosion or hot gas, air . The third layer is the number 9, Neptune, fluid, water, for cooling and heat transmission. The fourth layer is the number 10, Pluto, the transformation of energy into another type, or new fire, eg. electromagnetic current or light. Astrology promotes the qualities of spatial structures because it is astral logic, or the science of a five-dimensional space. And the astral, Mars, is a key to any movement, or interaction or projection of spaces. Astrology is proven by logic and facts no less than any other science and has a right to exist and cooperate with mathematics and physics in any research.

Platonic bodies describe and enter the orbits of the planets, their correspondence with the elements is explained by the correspondence of these planets with the signs of the zodiac. The tetrahedron is between Mars and Jupiter (astral and ether), which rule Aries and Sagittarius, the fire signs, so it is fire itself. The previous planet, Saturn, symbolizes the three-dimensional physical world. The dimensions increase with the number of planets counted from Pluto to the Sun. The ether has four dimensions, the astral – five, the mental plane, Venus and Mercury (imagination and concepts) – seven and eight, the spiritual world, the Sun – nine. Earth, consciousness or soul, is close to Venus. The moon as intuition, when full, is close to Mars, the astral plane. The geocentric sun is six-dimensional instead of the Earth. Uranus is a two-dimensional surface of the sphere, which is the form of all fields and waves. Neptune is its one-dimensional radius. Pluto is its center, zero. The first two dimensions belong to the microcosm, elementary particles and quantum mechanics. These planets are invisible like the world they describe. This is objective reality, given to our senses. The subjective vital space begins to increase two steps later. Saturn is a zero-dimensional space of dead rocks. Jupiter – a one-dimensional space of plants. Mars – a two-dimensional plan of animals. Earth is the three-dimensional world of people. Venus, Mercury, Sun signify 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional spirit worlds of angels, archangels and God.

Without spiritual philosophy, the science of idealism cannot be understood. Materialists manipulate formulas and geometric structures abstractly, although they all correspond to reality. Such as multi-dimensional space, described and calculated, but not believed. Telepathy proves the existence of non-physical realms, so we must infer the existence of non-physical worlds and prove it with further experiments. The easiest way to check everything is the astrological analysis of the personal horoscope. If astrology works, the astral exists as well as the spirit world and religion is real.

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