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Beyond the River: Kabbalah’s Guidance for Our Times

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of guts — to move yourself in the opposite direction.”

Albert Einstein


While there continues to be enough violence and stupidity in our post-election world right now to warrant the urgent need for any change in consciousness we can muster, there is no hint of this change in consciousness in the newspapers or on the political front.

Humanity is in a powerful phase of global challenge. The acceleration of time and the increase in energy frequency on the planet are creating volatile changes and rapid transformation, for others it is being experienced as a near psychological meltdown. Change under pressure in a short period of time is usually confusing and chaotic. When energy changes, our perception of reality changes. When our reality changes, our relationships are tested and our circumstances can be shaken to the core. And yet, some of us are still trying to stay awake, or at least make everyday life somewhat manageable.

It is during these times that we remember what Kabbalah calls “Life Beyond the River.”

Life across the river

The classic Kabbalistic text, the Zohar, teaches that in order to create a meaningful world, G-d ran a “River” through reality, “separating” His divine presence from physical existence. This river acts as a veil and is the source of all concealment and confusion. Therefore our world is referred to as an “alma d’piruda”, a “world of alienation”. (Zohar 1, 22A).

The “River” or “Veil of Separation” traverses three realms of existence: olam, shanah, and nefesh, meaning time, space, and consciousness. The river runs through every moment and everything. Each fragment of physical reality has its spiritual counterpart, but it is separated or obscured by the river.

Despite the separation, a person is still given the power and vision to stand before these curtains of separation and look across the River to the Source of all Life, receptive to the amazing expanse of a Divine Reality.

How is this done when the Separation Veil is still there? Sarmad, a 17th-century Jewish mystic from India, explains: “The light of life, which is the essence of God, lies dormant in the mineral world, lies in a dream state in the vegetable world, awakens in the animal world, and comes into full consciousness in man”. This “Light of Life” is what we call nitzotz HaShem, a “spark of the Divine” that exists within every human being. It enables us to have a direct connection to the Source, across the River .Once we can establish a direct connection, we need not fear the turbulence of our time.

The Zohar comments: “Your forefathers have always lived beyond the river…and I took your father Avraham across the river…” (Joshua 24:2) meaning “The sons of Avraham, the Ivrim (Jews) are the ones who have crossed over. They have vivid memories of life across the river.”

Despite the ability to make our direct connection to Source, across the river, many of us still tend to withdraw and settle into life on this side of the river/veil, thus creating an overarching sense of the insignificance of daily existence. . This is because it is easy to forget when one is challenged. The “side effect” of being a spiritual being in a human body is that since we have descended into the physical realm of existence which contains the most distant and dense frequencies in the universe, it will take deliberate effort on our part to ‘returned to our true spiritual nature.

Research always begins with our questions

Many of us are just starting with the questions:

What can we do to help? How can we personally contribute to creating a world founded on love, not based on fear? What is my purpose? Why am I here? Why are all these things happening to me?

If we don’t know, we may feel an unidentified sense of frustration or urgency. “But rest assured,” teaches Reb Nachman of Breslov, “that if you are asking these questions, you are already part of the solution.” You are being guided. The nature of your contribution will become known to you in divine time.

The real problem is for those who don’t ask these questions, who have buried themselves in self-loathing, anger, victimization, and often, the desire for revenge.

For those of us who want to “remember,” it is important to distinguish between the thoughts and attitudes that create inner peace and those that perpetuate inner conflict. We must be careful to choose behaviors and actions that create life, not destroy life. Since our inner reality creates our outer reality, our contribution begins and continues in our minds and hearts when we are freed from anxiety.

Once this is done, the game and our purpose in it becomes more interesting.

Our goal

Many people today are discovering that their purpose is to serve as pillars to hold the space of peace at this cosmic moment in Earth’s history. If you are one of these pillars, do not underestimate the importance of your task. Love can only manifest on the Planet through our mindful embodiment of peace and light. May HaShem bless you in your endeavors. Continue to carry out your mission diligently wherever you are posted and appreciate yourself for volunteering for this duty. You have chosen to be in this world, at this time in history for a reason.

Other people are given more action-oriented tasks. You are asked to serve humanity by orchestrating or facilitating specific projects. Some people in our society worked hard for the last election. Your efforts are not in vain, but rather applauded and blessed by the realms above, regardless of the outcome.

The Age of Pisces still clinging on

Remember, it can take time for many to adjust to Water Consciousness. Many are still connected to the energy of the Age of Pisces. Pisces, the era we’ve been in for 2,000 years (and coming out), is symbolized by the Fish. Fish are animals that swim in schools. When a fish decides to change directions, every fish in the school turns simultaneously. It is the embodiment of conformity, or “herd mentality”. Nothing is in doubt. The crowd rules.

Aquarius on the other hand is symbolized by the individual drawing water from the well. Water, in Kabbalah, represents both Chesed (loving kindness) and Mayim Chayim, “living waters,” the Torah’s term for Spirituality.

Always remember, our attitude will facilitate or sabotage our best intentions. So we must not fall into the trap of guilt, but rather focus our resources on taking responsibility for your life and our most dominant vibration at any given moment. If we don’t take responsibility for our need to evolve spiritually, we will individually play out our own unexamined fears and anger in dysfunctional relationships and traumatic life experiences. Together we will join others in expressing our darkness of unconsciousness, contributing energetically to today’s storms of social conflict, war, abuse and exploitation.

The TV networks learned a long time ago that you can’t make money by delivering good news. What sells is the crisis. The worse the perceived threat of terrorism, plane crashes, economic collapse, and crime, the more people will join their ranks. In reality, only the smallest percentage of people will suffer from terrorism, mid-air crashes, murder, or even highway deaths. If you look at the statistics, life is safer than ever. But you’d never know it from the evening news.

One of the ways the old Piscean Energy is most successful these days in keeping the old order intact is by pumping us with false images that keep us on the run, make us hyper-vigilant to threats, and distract us from possibilities. our real. A new era of tolerance and planetary well-being would be born if we became as “consumed” by healing as we are by stress and politically motivated fear-based media bombardment.


There is no avoiding “creating”

Doing nothing is still doing something – it’s just that now our energy is being used to reinforce ourselves and continue in our old ways. Many of them create darkness, negativity and even depression to prevent themselves from growing.

A sure sign that we are living this way is when we find ourselves stuck in “reactivity”. Reactive behavior is also a choice in “creation.” It is still inducing a certain result, by “creating.”

The question we need to ask ourselves is whether we think it is in our highest benefit to create from a position of reactivity. Reactivity is a state we automatically go into when we’re not doing our work, when we return to our “default” state. When we lose focus of the Holy in our lives and no longer see the significance in our current life difficulty.

Our other choice is to periodically focus on the Divine in our lives, in the life beyond the river. In doing so, we will once again be inspired to participate in a Divine Plan and Purpose.

Learn to see the tensions of everyday life as a recycling process

Kabbalah teaches that we grow by “recycling,” taking lower forms of energy and returning it to higher forms.

In the same way that a tree, bush or any blade of grass on earth takes in a poison such as carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen, we too are expected to take the “poisons” of life and recycle them for a higher outcome. , more refined. a result.

In life, newly harvested truths often emerge from a low emotional garden. The important thing to remember here is that when we’re down, there’s only one way to go, and that’s back up!

Lurianic Kabbalah sees the process of “resurrection” as crucial to the evolution of the human soul. He understands the very energy involved in dealing with everyday tension as the impetus behind the release of Divine Sparks, which are bits of light trapped within material existence. The only way to raise Creation itself is by moving into the darkness to free it. This is often why the most spiritually evolved people are the ones who are challenged by the greatest difficulties. It is NOT that they are being punished, but they are being chosen.

Celebrate even the smallest victory

It is understood that as a result of the Veil/River that separates us from Divine Reality, we have no way of knowing how much our smallest victories may affect his spiritual counterpart in the Higher Realms. We have no idea what changes we are creating in our overall soul evolution when we take charge of our energy in even the “smallest” daily tasks and challenges.

Patience is more than a virtue, it is a necessity

Remember, sometimes reality has to catch up with your goals. Like it or not, we live in a time-limited existence. Relax and don’t throw away anything you tried that didn’t seem to coordinate the way you felt at the time you thought it should. Being patient is part of a new consciousness for many of us. Much of wisdom comes in intuitively knowing the “what” as well as the “when.”

Last thought by Albert Einstein

“A human being is part of a whole, which we call the “Universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest – a kind of optical illusion his conscience. This illusion is a kind of prison for us, limiting us to our personal desires and to loving a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace the all living creatures and all nature in its beauty”.

In spiritual society,

Rabbi Michael Ozair

Copyright 2004 – Rabbi Michael Ezra Ozair

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