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DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY (ARCHETYPES): – “All material bodies are condensations of frozen bodies.” (2) Jung is becoming ‘in vogue’ again, I hear. Perhaps this time around it won’t just involve so little real appreciation for all that he meant and understood. Dream interpretation and projected Western values can be a Freudian gambit – Jung grew to see things few will ever admit to in the present ideologies of the West. He was able to contact the future before the First World War and it almost convinced him he was mad, until he saw his visions were right – then he knew it wasn’t himself who was mad – it was the world he lived in! His archetypes may be a contact with the genetic ‘history book’ that the Director of the Human Genome Project talked about recently when he announced that only 2.8 centimetres of 1.8 metres of a gene are required to make the human being. It might be a collective ‘tap-in’ or even the ‘medulla oblongata’ has the ability to record the knowledge of previous evolutionary experience of man’s development. Personally I feel it is a matter of some of each of these things and the factors relating to chaos and the interference of conflicting vibrations or wavelengths in the confusing array of bandwidths and personalities.

The ‘archetypes’ and our dreams are definitely important to our discovery of what the soul and oversoul is trying to achieve. Our conscious waking experiences are far too influenced by convention and peer pressures or the five senses, to differentiate the ego’s interest from the purpose we are here to explore and refine. Is there a connection between the archetypes and the helical structure of all the naturally occurring paradigms like time, harmonic building blocks of one dimensional force, nanotubes, DNA and telomeres, etc.? Is that structure part of a form which is unique to the earth experience or does it have close corollaries in other parts of the universe? We are on the verge of breaking down the insights of intuitive attuned masters of the philosophies that are aware of the ego and its NEEDS. Soon the Eastern mystics and shamans of the world will be universally appreciated, I hope. Their ethic is a clear requirement to explore if we are to begin the ‘New Age’ in a position to make the most of all that can be! It might be required by other life forms we call alien before we are allowed to participate in the cosmos and its order. That would be great!

“When I go past the dark alleys and passages of my mind, I come to the core of my Being. – At the core of my Being I am in touch with the light and the love and the knowingness that are inherent properties of my natural state.” (3)

One of the outcomes and plans involved in the rape and pillage of aboriginals and nature-worshipping cultures around the world was a history that injected war into the lives of the Mayans. Personally I have a hard time accepting that the ‘missionaries’ of the Keltic/Toltec or Druidic tradition that are reported in the stories about Kukulcan and Quetzacoatl were responsible. However, they were probably accompanied by those members of their society (or followed by) who brought the mindset of European power-mongers and aristocrats. I can see where the Ostrogoths disappeared to and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Sybarite/Milesian faction had ousted other ‘Bruttii’ before the 6th century BC., who found their way to the Upper Mississippi area of the Great Lakes before moving south to the more extensive mounds they built.

There is mounting evidence that the Basque played an important part in the Mayan scheme of things. Their language is connected as is the Rh factor in the blood. It is rare and traceable to Iberia, (the one between the Black and Caspian Sea) and the Mayan. They also seem to have lived in harmony until the Norman or other conquests were occurring in Europe. Needless to say the conventional wisdom is trying to paint them as sacrificers of barbaric proportions, but that too can be traced to Moshe (as in Moshe Rabbenue) and European influence and practice. There is no doubt in my mind that the nature and archetypes of the Mayan culture make it clear there was a long tradition of harmony and awareness of the ego and its conflict that adds so much negative inputs to our shared experience with nature. I like the words of the following author who has lived in the lifestyle or with these people even more than I have.

“Even though the Mayan temples became overgrown with jungle lushness, the Mayan beliefs have survived. Because of their togetherness all these years and their deliberate lack of contact with the Spanish, the Mayans have managed to practice their beliefs and practice them today almost as they did thousands of years ago.” (4)

The Mayans say we should be careful and observe our involvement with nature and the progressions of different forces. They say: “Do not put yourself, in front of your SELF!” Most people are unable to quiet their mind and keep order in their memory and recall, due to a lack of proper tools (like Ars Memoria, in the ‘Symbols and Concepts section’) and the spiral of educational inputs that have no flow and fit. If we have a through-line of purpose and ethic these problems of the busy-mind disappear and a greater sense of mental and other well-being permeates our lives. The Mayan are naturally this way and if Western Man succeeds in abusing them with greed and need then it will be a greater loss in my heart than I wish to bear.

The inner quest

The tradition of vision, and the inner quest by the shaman, the Druid, the saint or the holy man, seem to be connected at specific places where the energy forces of the planet are located In the microcosm of our mind or the macrocosm of the universe, too.. The Celtic and pre-Celtic shaman, the living embodiment of the collective psyche, was the link with the ancestral spirit world. He performed the ceremonies connected with the dead, and the annual rites of renewal on behalf of the living. The age-old communal tomb which was the source of his power Like relics of the Catholic Church. The lattices of the DNA archetypes and stone enclosures were designed to house the forces of personal and tribal attunements. was the place where the forces of heaven and earth could meet. The vulva-shaped megalithic dolmens from Cornwall and India show how widespread was the ancient belief in the burial receptacle as a womb-place of the Earth Mother and the Other-world. These tombs were usually constructed with giant stone slabs forming a chamber and a trenched passageway, the gaps filled with dry-stone walling and covered by a great mound of earth. Dolmens, quoits and cromlechs are the remains of the original chambers. Natural caves and artificial chambers cut into the rock were also used.

The block of sandstone, 28 ft. (8.6 m) long, which is called the Dwarfie Strane, is an example, unique in Britain, of a rock-cut chamber. It may have been used for meditation or initiation; for ‘at each end is a bed and pillow of stone capable of holding two persons, with a hole above to admit light and allow smoke to escape’. We believe the king’s chamber in the Pyramid has a resting place rather than a sarcophagus. There were no mummies or bodies therein, and there was no top to this bed. The ‘debunkers’ of ancient knowledge say there was a grave robbing enterprise. These were not robbed and their uncovering through tunneling is well recorded. The grave robber priests of the second millennia and later BC are a fact but they went were the material treasures were housed and did not get into the Giza Pyramids. They are also part of a time when the ethic and culture of the supposed Stone Age or earlier ‘primitives’ were no longer in charge. After the Trojan Worldwide War things became worse in leaps and bounds. There was a 400 year ‘Dark Ages’ as the Keltic/Phoenician ‘Red-Heads’ such as those being burned at the graves of their long ago leader Osiris; decided New Zealand and the Americas were better places to live and love life. The early Christian saints of Ireland and Scotland Like Columba and Pelagius, who still endeavoured to retain old ‘Brotherhood’ ideals [Iesa=Jesus] from before Rome when deviate behavior swept this opportunistic church.continued the tradition of using rock cavities for meditation and prayer. They chose mountains, islands and desolate places not only to avoid distraction but also to be closer to the Sacred. The church near Bilbao, actually built round a group of natural standing stones, and dedicated to St. Michael, the dragon-slayer beloved of the Celts, is a remarkable example of the Christianization of a sacred place.” (5)

We will go further along the path of science that is proving the existence of templates and archetypes in all of nature as we cover Dr. Robins’ work and Lamarckian evolution etc. Yes, the universe might have an over-riding purpose and potential that insists on growth and creativity. If we don’t allow each member of our human family to be able, through enabling support, we might not only be diminished; we might have a re-start of universal proportions as Martin Rees is saying about the whole of our universe. He is a recognized expert in the field for whatever that is worth, but what he says is in line with the cycles of Hindu astrology to be sure.

Here is a simple exchange of knowledge from a forum on the World Wide Web. It includes Iesa in a gospel that reflects back to the things which ancients learned and gradually got imbedded or imbued into our genes and archetypes. But that knowledge of the ‘oneness’ or what Jung calls the ‘collective unconscious’ has another side or oppositional element. There are those who would use our ‘oneness’ against the good of ‘the collective’.

“Hymnal prayer from the Gospel of the Egyptians



the living water!

The child of the child!

O glorious name!

Truly, Truly! The one existing eternally!


Truly, Truly! EI AAAA OO OO

O one who exists, who sees the aeons!


The one who exists for ever and ever!

Truly, Truly! IEA AIO, in the mind, who exists!


This, your great name, is upon me, o faultless,

self-born one, who is not outside of me.

I see you, O one invisible before everyone.

For who will be able grasp you in another language?

Now that I have known you, I have merged myself

with the one who does not change. I have armed

myself with luminous armor and have been luminous.

For the mother was there on account of the lovely

beauty of grace. Therefore I have reached out my

folded hands.

I have been formed by the ring of the wealth of

light which is in my breast, which gives form

to the multitude born in the light, where no

accusation reaches. I shall sing your glory truly,

for I have grasped you. SOU IES IDE AEIO AEIE OSIS O!

Eternal, eternal god of silence, I honour you completely.

You are my place of rest, O son, ES ES O E,

the formless one who exists in the formless ones.

He exists, he raises the one by whom you shall purify

me into your life according to your indestructable name.

Therefore the fragrance of life is in me. I have blended

it with water, from the pattern of all the rulers,

so that I shall live with you in the peace of the saints,

you who exist forever.

My response:

Thank you for the Hymnal Prayer of the Egyptians. It has much of the meaning of Iesa (Iesous in the fish symbol [IXOYE] stolen by Christians) and even Zeus comes from this concept of the Brotherhood of Man. That ‘one mind’ or collective that is known to the ancients and which Jesus (Iesa through linguistics) may have allowed himself to be known.”

The Keltic program of ‘Brotherhood’ required sending children to far away places for their upbringing as we have mentioned. In the matter of psychology it served to ensure disciplined people with few ‘spoiled brats’. Much of our insanity comes from a confusion created in the minds of undisciplined people. Habits and ego or choices to behave as idiots seem more likely causes of aberrant behavior than most psychologists want to allow. After all if discipline and meditation were all we needed then a lot of people would see what is going on: and education would have to become enabling for individuals rather than for our bureaucratic propaganda and psycho-civilizing purposes.

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